Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Joy of Fire Mountain Gems

I got my latest Fire Mountain order yesterday and I'm actually honestly seriously tempted to feign a (medically documented!!!) tension headache and go home early to hang out with my beads. Fire Mountain is pretty much my favorite website ever for jewelry making . . . no, scratch that, just my favorite website EVER! Their shipping is fast and reliable . . . and I'm a tracking-number-check-aholic so if I think its fast its actually approaching speed of light status. Their selection of gemstones is really out of this world, they regularly surprise me with rocks I didn't know existed! And their prices . . . sooooooo rational. Beading can be really expensive . . . especially when you've got a taste for massive gemstone nuggets the way I do. But Fire Mountain prices things well within the realm of reason. And best of all, they discount their prices the more you buy. Hooray for a built in reason to buy more beads!

Some of my favorite finds there have been their petrified wood slabs, any of their tektite beads, these GORGEOUS and totally well priced labradorite ovals, and their bargain selection of agate nuggets. They've got an insanely huge collection of seed beads, clasps and findings as well. And the tools!!! Tools I didn't even realize existed, like my now essential split ring pliers.

Once you've placed an order with Fire Mountain you'll start receiving their catalogs as well. They're full of actual size color photos of their beads, an awesome resource. And also of photos of Fire Mountain employees modeling beaded jewelry. The company really seems like one big happy family and while I've worked at enough places to know that probably isn't entirely true, I do think Fire Mountain comes a lot closer to having truly happy employees than most places do. They're also involved in many different charity and community service projects, the neatest of which I think is Bravery Beads, a program which gives children who are battling cancer beads to mark their experiences.

Fire Mountain is a company I feel really good about patronizing, and running my own jewelry line is one heck of a lot easier and more fun now that I've got them in my corner. (And no, they're not paying me to say all of this . . . this post is 100% free love!)

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Nutsy Coco said...

I completely agree! I get almost all of my beads from there and love the bulk discounts. I just wish they sold Softflex instead of Accu-flex. Right now I'm working on filling up my shopping cart with wedding related beading needs. Such fun!

Barbara said...

I love the selection of beads at Fire Mountain. I usually don't work with the big chunky ones, but seeing what you've done, made them so sexy!

I use the Accu-Flex all the time and I've never had any problems with it.... do you know about any problems with it?

good luck on your wedding NutsyCoco! I love the organic/green/botanical theme you're doing!

HollyLynne said...

Thanks!!! I don't know the difference between softflex and accuflex either to be honest . . . the only negative to softflex in my opinion so far is that the super thin .012 variety is kind of plastic-y. but the bigger diameter accuflex is AWESOME for heavy gems.
Do tell, nutsycoco . . .what makes softflex better?