Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In my old age . . .

I've become somewhat less able to see. I always had a bit of a nearsightedness issue with my left eye. Even in high school I had a pair of glasses perscribed for "seeing the board" purposes. I didn't wear them often though (until college when I figured out that I looked kinda cool with them on and wore them ALL THE TIME).

I hit a low a few months ago with the sight thing: I was driving a 5 year old to a birthday party (not my 5 year old, someone else's) and I literally could NOT read the street signs. I asked the 5 year old to read them for me and when she protested that she couldn't actually read yet (at least not words like "La Cienega") I told her "Thats fine, bug. Just read me the letters." Its around that time that I decided to get a new pair of glasses.

I have a fantastic pair purchased through my insurance, Prada frames! (The only Prada I'm ever likely to own) I love my glasses, but when I heard about Zenni Optical on NPR a few weeks ago I thought it was worth checking out. Zenni sells perscription glasses (also with optional sunglass tinting!) at seriously insane prices. If you're used to paying at least $100 for a pair of glasses, even at a bargain place like Lens Crafters, you're sure to be astounded by their $8 frame selection.

I haven't actually placed an order with them yet, but thats only because I can't decide which frames I want to try. The, ahem, red plaid glasses pictured above have caught my eye in a major way. I'm fairly "normal looking" in general, so I can usually get away with an oddball accessory or two . . . but what do you guys think, is red plaid "too much"? And if so, doesn't the price tag ($12.95!) sort of make it ok?

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HollyLynne said...

i bought the red plaid glasses. so there!