Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been working on the railroad

. . . and by "railroad" I mean "Etsy Shop". I've been a little cranky about my slowdown in sales lately (shakes fist at gas and milk prices). I think the slump is mostly due to tax season . . . but it comes at a bad time since I've just introduced a ton of new items. So is the slump tax related, or do my new items suck? Time will tell . . .but I'm holding out hope that the issue is the economy, which seems rational considering that I had a sale this morning (to coincide perfectly with the first rush of "economic stimulus" payments!).

Adding to my general malaise is the fact that one of my most favorite thimble necklaces was featured on Etsy's front page yesterday and was viewed over 600 times, but still sits unloved and unbought in my shop. Sigh. I think I'm going to start thinking of the last few weeks as stocking up my shop for the inevitable slew of tax return shoppers instead of a "slump". It'd be better for my psyche!

Of the new items I've been adding, the linen cuff bracelets are totally my favorite to make and wear. I haven't sold any yet but they're getting tons of views so I do think they'll start moving soon. And in this particular case, if they don't sell thats kind of ok by me cause i can just keep them all (:D). I've got 2 more new ones to list this week, and of the cuffs listed so far the one pictured, Catherine of Aragon, is totally my favorite. So much so that I made myself a matching one last night . . . to cheer me up! :)

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Domesticrazy said...

Chin up, sales will get better soon! I'm pulling for you, at least. And I obviously LOVE my necklace...perhaps the right person hasn't viewed yet? Because only the coolest people could appreciate your fine work!