Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I feel all Jane Eyre now!

I did it!!!! I made wrist cuffs!!! 7 of them :) 5 for my shop and 2 for me (although one of mine needs some more tweaking before it'll fit properly (freakishly small appendages, I have)).

I found a great solution to the leather issue . . .linen! Joann had 100% linen on sale for about $8 a yard so I bought some to experiment and I LOVE it! Totally easy to work with, really great looking, and natural and breathable (light enough for summer, even!). I also picked up some stiff, fusible craft interfacing and a few closure options (velcro, sew in snaps and coat weight hook and eyes). Then I more or less just went for it.

I had to rip out a few seams, I broke a machine needle or two . . . but in the end I made cuffs with lace, ones with ribbons, ones with gemstones sewn in. And they all miraculously came out exactly as I'd pictured them. They're a bit fidgety to make (two layers of linen to deal with, clasps to figure out, some hand sewing involved) but I've never minded a good fidget.

Then I did the hard part: some nosing around Etsy to make sure my cuffs were unique enough to put up there. I always try to do my Etsy research AFTER I've made new items rather than before, because I don't want to accidentally get "too inspired" by any one piece. The truth is, I'm inspired by lots of things, and lately just because I've been working so hard on my shop, lots of the things I'm exposed to and in turn inspired by are items on Etsy (see post below on cuffs I love and how I want to make my own!). I try to be super careful that none of my items fall into the category of plagiarizing or copying. Thankfully, I didn't find much of anything listed as a "linen cuff" and as for cuffs with gemstones, those are mostly actual "jewelry items" instead of sewn items. I'm confident that my cuffs are uniquely ME and I'm so excited to add them to my shop!

I've listed one cuff so far and I plan to list the remaining ones over the next week or so. The first went up yesterday evening and its views are doing really well so far. I'm hoping they do sell, but of course if they don't thats fine too because it means I'll be able to keep them all! :D

Listening:  Jealous Sound- "The Fold Out" Best. Video. Ever.


Nutsy Coco said...

Congrats on finding a material you like. They look great!

e rega said...

I love the trim on the top cuff, that's a beautiful color~!

ps: Thanks for the kind words on Craftster!

Domesticrazy said...

Hot damn! Love the cuff.