Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clinique Bonus!

Clinique has a totally awesome bonus going on at Macys right now. You get BOTH lipsticks and while I'll admit that the pink one is a little too Angelyne for my taste, the other shade, called "Beauty" is the most perfect neutral I've ever worn . . . pale without making me look washed out and pink without being, well, too Angelyne for my taste. The skincare products are actually much bigger than your standard gift with purchase size, enough to get you through an actual vacation even! The palate is adorable and contains eyeshadow shades I might have bought anyways and the mascara is seriously great. I've got to say I usually steer VERY clear of "thickening" mascaras because they tend to flake off during the day, but this stuff must be part super glue because it literally refuses to budge. I'm actually considering it as a contender for "the mascara that I will wear for the wedding".

In order to get the bonus you've got to spend at least $21.50, and in an especially clever manuever on my part, I bought a palate of 3 eyeshadows that cost EXACTLY $21.50. Clinque eyeshadows are the best . . .totally gentle, non irritating, and made with that same superglue property that the mascara has. By the end of the day most eyeshadows are completely missing from wherever I've applied them (do my eyelids eat them? do the particles actually ENTER my eyeballs? I understand that missing lipstick has most likely been eaten and thats gross, but not as gross as the options for where missing eyeshadow could've gone.) Clinique shadows though are practically bulletproof. I picked up a set called "Totally Neutral" which I adore, but if you're feeling more adventurous I'd highly recommend the "Beach Plum" duo . . . that purple may look daunting in the container but its actually perfect on . . . girly but with enough beige shimmer to keep you from looking like Barbie.

The bonus almost made up for my having missed out on the Sephora Clinique Black Honey set that sold out in, like, 12 seconds last week. (Oh, how I wanted that set . . .sigh . . .)

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Nutsy Coco said...

I'm going to have to make a note of your make up tips for my wedding because while I can manage to make myself look decently, I'm definitely that afficionado that you are!

HollyLynne said...

I'll be writing a TON more about makeup I'm sure over the next year . . . I'm getting married in the tiniest little Welsh town so I'm going to be stuck doing my own makeup (which I'm excited about!) and my own hair (not so much fun :()

Anonymous said...

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