Friday, March 14, 2008

What good are . . .

. . . .handmade thank you cards without handmade envelopes? I swear . . . I've been on a crafty papergoods RAMPAGE lately. The envelope obsession was spurred when I saw these SPECTACULAR Sleeping Beauty envelopes in Beach Mama's Etsy shop. My inner 5 year old was clamoring for them, just psychotically insisting on having them. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess (and I say that without any trace of irony). However, sadly, these envelopes were smaller than what I needed for my cards . . . too small to mail in fact. So, I shut the inner 5 year old up with a bunch of cookies and bought these Little Mermaid envelopes instead. I also bought a set of lovely, slightly more grown up fan printed envelopes from Those Greathouse Women. At this point, having spent nearly $50 on stationery in three days, I'm sadly going to have to cut myself off. Or learn to make cards and envelopes myself . . . now there's an idea!

The big engagement party is tomorrow night . . .yikes!!! I spent all night last night making 2 batches of cookies then scrubbing every surface of my kitchen and bathroom in last minute terror that the boy's mom would be over and think that I was a shoddy housekeeper. Where the heck did that come from?!?! (I am not . . . for the record). The cookies came out spectacularly though . . . I've got 2 batches of cupcakes to make tonight then all the pre party crafty/baking preparations will be done. I made 57 (yep) glass marble magnets w/ various photos the boy and I took on our last trip to Conwy Castle (where we're getting married!) as party favors for the grown ups. We're also going to have 4 guests under the age of 7 so I put together KILLER goodie bags for them . . . the boys are getting pirate themed bags and the girls princess themed ones.

And, in other wedding news, everything fell spectacularly into place this week! I have wedding and public liability insurance. I signed my agreement with the castle. I booked rooms in Conwy. I even have a photographer! The thing about the wedding is, its in Wales. And people in Wales rarely respond to emails, apparently. So I've had a bit of a struggle trying to line things like insurance up . . . but emails started rolling in this week and in the last 2 days I've gotten TONS of things checked off my list. Which is nice, since the boy's family will be in town this week and instead of saying "wedding . . .er, yeah . . . Wales" i can say with confidence that its almost entirely booked now and we can all go about making our travel arrangements and thinking about fun things, like dresses. :D


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Domesticrazy said...

That's awesome! I can't imagine planning a wedding overseas. The castle is beautiful! Have fun with the dress's lots of fun. I hope the evening with the future in-laws goes swimmingly!