Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The boy and I are having an engagement party on Saturday and despite insisting that we don't want gifts until we have a house (we didn't even register!) I know for a fact that we'll be getting a few. So, I trolled around on Etsy looking for cute thank you cards and OH MY GOODNESS there are TONS out there! I made two orders for about 25 cards total so I'll have a nice supply for our engagement.

First I placed an order with Time2Cre8 . . .she's a fellow Sampler contributor and I got one of her AWESOME raven notecards in my February package. I picked up a full set of 5 raven cards along with sets of Alice in Wonderland cards and elephant cards (elephants are going to be HOT this year . . . they're the new owls :) )

Then I stumbled on an awesome Belgian shop, Enfin, La voila!. . . I picked up two more sets of notecards in whimsical, antique inspired patterns: Knight In Shining Armour and The Mysterious Letter.

I've got my eye on a few other cards too . . . like Pressa Russa's mini button notecards, Lizardpress' graphic letterpress thank yous and Bluebird Lane's crown and teapot cards.

I'm sitting here (wearing a necklace I traded for on Etsy, a cuff bracelet that I bought on Etsy, and a purse that I made for myself) ordering handmade thank you cards on Etsy for my engagement party . . . that makes me happy :)

Listening:  A Place To Bury Strangers

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