Tuesday, March 11, 2008

petrified wood . . . my new favorite thing!!!

I got my hands on some gorgeous petrified wood slab beads (from the fabulous fire mountain gems, of course!) and I just love them. I've used them alone as earrings. Mixed with coins in assemblage style necklaces. And even with gemstone beads in safari-inspired wooden chokers.

Petrified wood isn't at all what I expected . . . I was thinking these beads would feel something like 'regular' wood, light and slightly rough. But they don't at all!! They're smooth, glossy, almost like glass. They're a bit heavier than you would expect wood to be, but still lighter than most gemstones or quartzes. They've got all the stripey, tonal qualities of wood though, they're just beautiful!

Listening:  Cut Copy- "Time Stands Still"

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Ooooooooo... that necklace is lovely!

I like the colors, how the petrified wood and the french coin work together. All those beautiful warm tones.

Thanks for sharing your work!