Monday, March 10, 2008

The Opposite of Crafting

I've been on a cleaning BINGE lately . . . like, whoa. Maybe cleaning out the boy's condo in preparation to sell it has been inspiring me? Maybe something to do with the warmer weather? I have no clue . . . but I've been cleaning out closets and drawers like its going out of style (I'm not pregnant, don't worry mom)

My latest project was tearing apart a bunch of necklaces that didn't sell in my Etsy shop, or that I made for myself and never wore, to reclaim not only the beads but more importantly the keys and coins! I spent a good two hours on the phone w/ a friend, sitting on the floor with a pair of pliers and a pair of wire cutters hacking about 2 dozen pieces to bits.

As a child I loved to tear the paper off of crayons in tiny shreds. The act of ripping apart necklaces and sorting the beads had a similar, calming effect and when I was done I felt oddly accomplished (odd seeing as I'd just undone work rather than having done any). And, for the moment at least, my jewelry boxes are a lot less cluttered!

The boy and I are going out to dinner and to see Cut Copy tonight to celebrate our -1 Anniversary! Our wedding is 1 year from today . . . in fact, with the time difference, I expect to be getting married EXACTLY 1 year from now. :)

Listening:  Cut Copy- "Future"

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Nutsy Coco said...

Sometimes tearing apart work can be very cathartic. I remember at the end of the semester when I was in architecture, we'd trash some of our models and it was such a great release!