Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Need a nap!!!

The engagement party went really well . . . but don't ask for pictures because nobody took any whatsoever. Not me, not the boy, not my dad . . . not one single solitary camera was turned on for the entire duration of the party. In a way I think that means everyone had a good time though.

The cupcakes tasted great but I wasn't 100% happy with the way they looked . . . my chocolate icing was too loose and my pink cream cheese icing was too stiff. The cookies though . . .truly spectacular. And the magnet party favors went over great, tons went home with new owners and I might have even picked up a custom party favor order from a friend of my mom's to boot. There are an ungodly number of sausage rolls left over, but I suppose when you order 8 dozen (and the bride is a vegetarian) thats to be expected.

I took a half day from work on Monday to go dress shopping with my mom and the boy's mom and sister. Never in a million years did I expect to actually BUY a dress but you know what? I did! I found exactly what I wanted for a price that I was really happy with, so I went for it! They boy has seen the coat I'm going to wear over my dress so he's already in on how that looks, but I've somehow managed to be convinced that he shouldn't know too much about the acutal dress part, so I'll refrain from giving too many details here. I can say though (cause he knows this much) that its very simple, no beading or lace, long, true white and strapless. It also makes me look like a princess, which is nice :)

Thank goodness for a half day at work this Friday . . . the party business has me exhausted!

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Nutsy Coco said...

How exciting to get your dress! I'm going shopping for mine in about a week. I don't know if I'll get one, but it'll be great fun shopping!