Friday, March 28, 2008

Martha Stewart Probably Doesn't Do It Like That . . .

Thats what the boy said to me the other night when I was making cupcakes for our engagement party. He's probably right, since he was referring to the fact that I do my mixing seated on the kitchen floor with towels spread out under me. I find it impossible to make cupcake batter (or frosting) without getting cocoa powder finely misted all over every kitchen surface or lumps of frosting mysteriously stuck to the hallway walls (not joking).

I don't do a lot of things the right way. I have to put on a clean pair of socks before I do any mopping because I know I can't be trusted not to walk over the wet areas. I tend to do all of my laundry on cold because I can't be bothered to separate it. I refuse to replace burnt out lightbulbs until the situation becomes truly critical (ie: until all lightbulbs in all adjoining rooms are also burnt out).

Martha probably wouldn't approve. Its true. But honestly I don't really care. I watched the Martha Stewart show a grand total of once and I turned it off right after she announced that using raw eggs in eggnog is a risky proposition, but that she had nothing to fear because "these eggs came from my own chicken coop". I'd much rather engage in the silliness of mixing cupcake batter on the floor than the insanity of raising my own chickens for eggs. So, no thanks Martha, I'm happy for now to be messily, happily doing things my way.

Listening:  Jimmy Eat World- "Sweetness"

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