Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally, Bridal Magazines Prove Useful!!!

I have a few bridal magazines, purchased more out of thinking I should than anything, and I've found them to be utterly useless (although at times a bit comical). I'm planning a wedding at a Welsh castle with 7 guests . . I really don't need to read dozens of pages on thousand dollar centerpieces and cakes. I DO however need envelopes. Lots of them. For sending thank you notes.

I've bought tons of handmade envelopes on Etsy, but I thought trying my hand at making some from bridal magazines could be a fun little touch. I started by taking a smallish envelope (ripped off from the office, ssh . . .don't tell!) and carefully opening it up at the seams to make a template. Then I taped the template to a magazine page making sure that the image centered on the front of each envelope would be centered or off kilter and cool looking. I cut out the envelopes along the template lines and folded them using the original envelope as a guide. I pasted the seams together using a plain old gluestick and voila!

I've sent a few of these out and they mail just fine . . . they just need to be addressed using white address labels and stamped not metered (because you can't print metering ink on magazine paper). I think they're a fun, cute touch! They're eco friendly since I'm recycling used magazines, and they're just bridal enough without being so overly sweet and cloying that they aren't really 'me'. I'll be making lots more of these, I'm sure :)

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Nutsy Coco said...

Very cool idea! And I can add that even if you're planning a big wedding, bridal magazines still aren't extremely useful!