Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Etsy Home Ec

The boy and I will be officially house hunting soon (crosses fingers!!!) and I've started to think about what kind of decor we'll end up with. I'm into things that are historic, vaguely medieval or goth feeling, and dark (like the black damask curtains in my living room!). The boy, on the other hand, reads Dwell magazine, likes modern design and clean lines.
One would think we're going to be pretty much screwed, but there's a surprisingly large convergence between what I like and what he likes . . . the poster above, for example. Now, I haven't run this one specifically by him yet but I'd venture to say he'd like it. Its clean, only one color printing, and modern looking. It also has a cool crown and a cheeky slogan to keep me happy.
Consider this one officially added to my favorites :)

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