Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

I finished organizing my crafting supplies!!!! I didn't take a photo, but here's a photo of my friend's dog, Gidget, dressed as a lobster because Gidget as a lobster makes me pretty much as happy as my organized crafting supplies do :)

I didn't throw much away . . . the whole point of being crafty is that you can make things out of junk, so junk is valuable in itself!! I did manage to sort a lot though, zippers with zippers, ribbons with ribbons (and loose ends taped down on the spool instead of tangled everywhere!) . . . I also managed to set up my storage so that I think it'll work better for me. I had a stack of hatboxes w/ craft supplies in them in the corner of my dining / sewing room. They were pretty, but since they were stacked I'd have to move them around to get to whatever box i needed. About a month ago I realized that I didn't even know what was in those boxes anymore since I never felt like moving them to get to the supplies inside!

Instead, I used a plastic 3 drawer chest that I reclaimed from my closet . . top drawer jewelry, middle drawer sewing, bottom drawer miscellaneous. I hid that in a coat closet so its easily accessible, but I don't have to look at it all the time. My beading supply boxes are still stacked next to the TV (which doesn't' bug be because I usually have them out to use most of the time anyhow ... no point finding them a home to hide in!). My ottoman is hollowed out and stashes my yarn supply. I have my "good" fabric and ribbons in a little hutch in a corner. My linen cabinet houses my "extra" sewing machine (yeah . . . I have two) and a box of scrappy fabrics. The only items that are out in the sewing room are my dressform, my machine and ironing supplies, and a vintage pyrex casserole dish of vintage buttons.

It feels great to have everything in its place . . . last night after I did all the organizing I went on kind of a beading spree . . . so I think having things clean and sorted is going to improve my crafty productivity quite a bit :)

. . . so, what was that again about world domination? ;)

Listening:  Meho Plaza- "The Beach"

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