Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crummy Cupcakes

I really really really wanted to make s'mores cupcakes. Been wanting to for ages! All of the recipes I've found though have been unduly complicated and really messy (As in producing messy cupcakes, not being messy to make. Messy to make would be fine!) So I came up w/ the compromise of trying marshmallow fudge cupcakes. The idea is that you take basic chocolate cupcake batter, submerge a large marshmallow in each cup, and ice with fudge frosting.

Well . . . yeah . . . the recipe I was using said clearly to use LARGE marshmallows. But, have you ever put a marshmallow peep in the microwave? You know how it gets HUGE then collapses? Imagine that happening to my cupcakes and you'll pretty much get the idea. Then the recipe I had for fudge "frosting" . . . more like chocolate syrup.

So I did my best to clean them up and saved the frosting by beating in powdered sugar, but I'm not happy with them! I was going to toss them entirely but the boy convinced me to bring them to the office instead. They're getting an ok reception actually, meaning the general idea of marshmallows and chocolate is a good one. But the execution was just crummy this time.

I'm going to try again tonight. This time I'm going to use mini marshmallows and mix them into the batter instead of placing them in the middle (to make sure they're fully covered w/ batter. I'll push down any errant marshmallows that might float to the top w/ chocolate chips. Then the frosting, I found a more basic chocolate recipe, your standard powdered sugar and butter deal. Oh and I'm going to use foil cupcake "papers" and a cookie sheet, so if the marshmallows do overflow they'll (hopefully) drip artistically down the side of the cupcakes rather than pooling around the top of the pan.

We'll see . . .

Oh yeah . . . Happy Vday.

Listening:  The Puppini Sisters- "Jilted"

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