Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Countless hours of manual labor

. . . and my closet is finally something I'd deem "useable". I got rid of a LOT of stuff. Like, an unreasonable lot of stuff. I just don't have the energy to hang on to things that I'm never going to use or wear again anymore. "Stuff" stresses me out, I feel so much better now having let so much of it go.
The boy built my dresser for me (THANK GOD!) because had I been left to do it myself I'd have been in tears in no time. Its amazing that for how crafty I am I can't manage to build Ikea furniture. I think its mostly that I can't stand following instructions. The garment rack was basically just a snap together deal so I did that. I also did some serious moving . . .I had to rearrange most of the furniture in my bedroom to fit in the new dresser; the biggest job being moving my bookcase (I have a literature degree . . . so yeah, my "bookcase" is more of a small library. And as you can see in the photos, the book collection isn't confined to the bookcase . . . I've got several additional book piles in each room of my apartment.)
I've also got more than one closet . . . I've actually got 3 hall closets in addition to the bedroom one. And a linen cupboard. And a broom closet. And a built in set of drawers in the hall. My apartment was built in the 20s . . . maybe lots of little closets was the trend back then?! Who knows. But I cleaned them all out.
It was a ton of work, but work that really did need to be done, so I'm happy to have it off my plate. Up next I'm going to organize my crafting supplies (scary! they're not confined to one closet, they're all over my apartment!). I managed to reclaim some plastic drawers in the process of redoing the closet though, so at least I've got some new options for the crafting materials. I'd love it if I could reclaim some space in one of the hall closets for crafting supplies, so I could shut the door on them when I'm done working for an evening. I'll let my subconscious work on that idea for a while, then tackle the job later this week :)

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