Friday, February 8, 2008

Beading With String

I have a confession to make: I bead using wire pretty much exclusively. I can remember being in high school and trying to make bracelets out of stretch cord and crimp beads and having the things just fall spectacularly to bits with one false pull. Wire has always seemed more secure to me (not to mention that wire is its own beading needle). But lately I've wanted to experiment with making necklaces with more drape. So I finally picked up a pack of nylon cord and some (cringe) crimp beads.

I made myself a necklace and wore it for a few days with no disastrous results. I pulled it around, swung it in circles, and basically TRIED to break it, but to no avail. Maybe crimp beads have improved over the years? Maybe I'm just better at crimping them? Who knows . . .but my fear of them is ebbing.

Today I'm listing my first cord beaded project in my Etsy shop (not the necklace I made for myself and tried to break, of course, a new one!). I'm excited about the possibilities of using cord as opposed to wire . . . and I'm glad I've finally made peace with crimp beads! They aren't so bad after all :)


Listening:  Rhett Miller- "A Question"

1 comment:

Isabel said...

Super dreamy necklace. You do good work. Mostly I'm jealous about you seeing Rhett Miller tonight.

Enjoy and keep up the awesome beading.