Monday, January 7, 2008

Crystal's Birthday Cupcake Insanity!

Its been a while since I whipped up a batch of cupcakes (well, not that long since I did a bunch for the boy's family holiday party) and I've got TONS of fun new cupcake goodies to play with (thanks to the boy's family!). I made my usual chocolate chocoalte chip cupcakes w/ cream cheese icing for Crystal's birthday today but did them up extra fancy using my new pastry bags and decorating tips and had a MUCH easier time getting them into the office thanks to my genius new cupcake tote.
The icing tips were great fun to use, although I'm going to need a bit of practice before I perfect the technique. As is, you can already see clearly which ones I iced first and which i iced towards the end.
Even so, the effect is way prettier than my usual "glob on white icing w/ a spoon" technique, and the cool neon food colors I used added a bit of extra fun (although I'm still second guessing myself on having used green . . . would YOU want a green cupcake?)

Listening:  Old 97s- "Wish The Worst"

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