Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Joy!

Boy and I just got the best Xmas present EVA! Our brand spanking new custom built sofa, loveseat and bench were just delivered. By "just" I mean like 15 minutes ago and YES I'm blogging about it already, so? Boy is at work for a few more hours, and I have to SHARE!

Isn't it LOVELY?! Also: Good for SITTING ON! So we no longer have to sit on folded up blankets on the floor (which we only did, admittedly, for like a week, but still!)

Hooray! and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

How not to fix a fire alarm

At about 5am last night our bedroom fire alarm launched into the most OBNOXIOUS screeching I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, NOT COOL. Yes, I get it, an alarm should be capable of waking me up (check!) but if there actually had been some sort of fire then HELLO! YES! I KNOW! ON FIRE! and generally there is really no need for the god-awful shrieking to continue.

As it happens there was NOT a fire. Also, as it happens, our bedroom ceilings are REALLY FREAKING HIGH. And because boy and I are clearly both mensa candidates, the ONE FECKING LADDER we had we recently gave to my brother in law. My boy's dad has promised to get us a new ladder for Christmas, but being the 21st we were pretty much SOL (Shit Out of Ladder).

After having dragged at least four different chairs into our room and having determined that their seats are all exactly the same height (what is UP with that?!), we realized that no matter the chair, boy was doomed to be 3 feet short of the alarm. Thats when he took a deep breath and looked at me . . .I expected him to say "Lets just sleep in the second bedroom" or "Maybe we won't be able to hear it if we go upstairs?", but no. What he actually said was "I guess you're going to have to get on my shoulders".

I did a quick bit of groggy 5am math and told him that we'd STILL be short a good three feet, to which he replied by looking warily at one of the chairs.


And then the shrieky chirping started up again and I changed my mind.

So go ahead and picture if you will: Boy and I in our pajamas at 5am, me on his shoulders clutching his hair for balance, and him gingerly climbing on top of our red damask bench so I can reach the fecking alarm.

That image was your Christmas present. I hope you like it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shall we review more perfumes?

Lets do!
The last of my freebie samples is Guerlain's My Insolence. Lets take a moment to discuss the name, shall we? I was pretty sure I already knew the definition of "insolence" (having, you know, TAUGHT SAT VERBAL PREP for years) but I looked it up JUST TO BE SURE my mental dictionary wasn't playing tricks on me. defines insolence as "contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech". So, yeah. Perfume named: "snotty, simpering little bitch", basically. And, as you might expect, it smells like babies. Sexy!

Thinking "insolence" must OBVIOUSLY mean something entirely different in, say, France? I went a-Googling and found that no, it more or less means the same thing there as well. Then I found Guerlain's own website for the perfume, in which they spell out their imaginary definition which involves things like "panache", "verve" and "spirit".

Um. Okay.


Boy and I will be getting a sofa next weeky, huzzah! We did have to choose an alternate fabric but, dare I say, I think we like the alternate version a bit better than our prior choice. So SOON people I will be posting pictures of our home-in-progress.

We also just got the DVR we bought ourselves as a joint holiday present. I spent a fun chunk of time programming it from my computer the other day oblivious to the fact that it was emailing boy updates EVERY TIME I set it to record something. 18 emails about season passes to "Bargain Hunt" and "Jon and Kate Plus 8" later, I'm only sort of sure he still wants to marry me.

This weekend is going to be PACKED with parties and dinners with friends (starting as of last night even!) . . . so there shall be LOTS of fun to post about on Monday. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have so many things I should write about in this post

We shall have BULLET POINTS! Excellent solution.

- Pehrspace(Craft): FUN! I was really proud of my table, met lots of new friends, bands were great, bought and traded for a few fab items like a clutch from Meowthings and a feather barrette from Nittio Nio (both pictured!)

- Came home on Monday: TO THIS! Actually far more joyus than it might appear (see post on new furniture below!). Some of our new items were delivered over the weekend and we've been working on placing them and getting settled. Sadly, I got a call on Monday morning about how our sofa fabric is stuck in Japan (or some other such fiasco) so we will be without a sofa for a bit longer. We actually might pick a new fabric, hopefully samples will be in the mailbox when we get home. I spent something like four and a half hours last night cleaning out our kitchen. FULL ON NESTING MODE!
- I have a ton of items leftover from Pehrspace and I'm working madly to get them all listed in my Etsy shop. I've listed almost 20 so far and I've got tons more to go. I'm really happy with how my pearl cluster earrings photographed this time around, check it!
- Perfume front! Yesterday I tried out Absolutley Irresistible by Givenchy. I opened up the packet thinking "I'm not gonna like this one" just because the red, glittery bottle screamed "MALL PERFUME!" to me, but I was SO WRONG! Its great. Its floral and a bit fruity without being overly sweet and it wore for HOURS! It also comes in a mini rollerball bottle which is a huge plus in my book (being a perfume whore, I almost never finish a full size bottle).

Thats all I've got.

Friday, December 12, 2008

PehrSpace(Craft) is almost here!

In about 24 hours I'll be setting up my table! I'm so excited . . . I've been selling for quite a while on Etsy this is my first live fair. There are all of these new things to consider; like change! and price tags! and not working in my pajamas!

I promise to bring the camera and make boy take tons of photos. If you're in the LA area, click here for info!

So as not to break my long ass post streak, I'll go ahead and review one more perfume today, Prada's Infusion D'Iris. This one is fresh and very light. Its a floral, but not in the way I'm used to . . . its much more green than sweet or earthy. I wore it yesterday meaning to review it then didn't have time, and I was happy to wear it again today for your reading pleasure! This would be a great scent for girls who aren't really into traditional perfumes, its intersting but more clean than anything.

In other news, I have a furniture delivery coming tomorrow. Squee!! I'm really excited but also sort of TERRIFIED since I know I won't be able to get everything situated for a few days, and misplaced furniture (for DAYS) is really gonna be bad for my OCD. HOWEVER! Boy and I have the fair of course then on Sunday we also have his family holiday party so (crosses fingers) I'll be away from home so much that I really won't notice random coffee tables and rolled up rugs lurking around. (Please, universe, let it work out that way. Or send Valium.)

Happy weekend!

ADDENDUM: Urban Home just called and asked if they could push our delivery tomorow from 10-1 to 12-3. Which, NO! UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO DIE! Send good delivery man thoughts my way, PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE! If he could be EARLY all the better!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Guides and Poison

My super awesome blog and Craftster buddy Refabulous let me know that this necklace is currently featured in Etsy's Environmentally Friendly Gift Guide, which is very exciting and explains why the necklace which I listed yesterday has, like, a zillion views already. Hooray!

Today's perfume tryout was SUPPOSED to be Diesel's Fuel For Life which wins my "Favorite Perfume Name" award for this batch of samples and was set to win my "Best Packaging" award . . . Alas! The nifty envelope that allegedly sprays perfume when you squeeze the bottle TOTALLY DOES NOT WORK. I pressed everywhere and even ripped the thing apart but nothing. Not even a little drop to smell. Whatever.

On to another sample, Dior's Pure Poison. Of the 6 samples, I expect this one is most my speed. Its a very rich, heady floral. I do like my fragrances on the geriatric side; lots of single note florals like rose or orange blossom. This one smells divine and as of 3:30 pm it is still lingering on my wrists. It is surely a "night out" type fragrance, which is perfect since my firm holiday party is tonight! I shall be wearing my Poison :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perfumes and coffee tables

As mentioned yesterday, boy and I did some heavy duty furniture shopping over the weekend. The condo we bought he'd actually been living in already (long story) so it still in a way feels like "his" place. We've been talking for ages about redoing it to suit both of us, which basically means modern for him and gothic for me. Yep, modern gothic. Just trust me.

We're in the process of having a new sofa (and loveseat! and bench!) made and hopefully we'll be in possession of said items by Christmas. The fabric we chose (LOVE!) is sadly on backorder until the 16th but it is SO worth waiting for. Its a deep charcoal grey in sort of a woven tweed-y fabric. Like something you'd see a winter coat made of. And anyone who knows me KNOWS about my thing for coats . . . its going to be like a big grey coat in my living room. SWOON! I'm going to keep you all in suspense about the sofa style until it arrives (all of you except D-crazy, cause I sent her a photo of it ages ago).

In addition to the sofa I knew we were going to need a new rug to replace boy's grotty beige piece of crap. Sorry, but I have MUCH hate for that rug. Very much. Boy and I found one at Urban Home that we (both!) loved but it was ivory and since we do want children soon we had to think seriously about whether we'd be able to keep an ivory rug ivory. We decided in the end that of course we'd have perfectly clean and sanitary babies, so the rug will be just fine. Don't try to set me straight on this. I'm not listening . . .la la la la la!

Then there were dressers . . . boy and I each had one already but of course they don't match. And mine is a piece of shit from Ikea and keeps collapsing on me. And NO the collapsing has NOTHING to do with my 30-odd pair jean collection, GOD! So we bought two of the large dresser on the right, which I love because of the medieval looking handles and boy loves because they're, well, rectangular.

On to the "big ass wall"! Our living room is laid out so that the wall to your right when you walk in seems ENNNNNDDDLLLEEESSSSSly long. We've also got crazy high ceilings in the living room, so that wall is a bit of a challenge. There must be STUFF! on it. We bought a wood slat bench from and a simple black bookcase from Ikea. Cross your fingers for me that this is enough furniture to satisfy the wall of doom.

We probably should've stopped there.

But! We have this TV stand. And its square but the space for our TV is more triangular. And the TV stand is sort poking out suspiciously close to our fireplace. And what would newlywed life be like without being able to light a fire once in a while? So clearly, new TV stand it was. We just wanted something simple and basic that would fit in the corner, and we found just that at Target.

Which brings us to the coffee table. If you're gonna go whole hog, there's no point being shy about it. And I've COVETED this coffee table for months. JUST LOOK AT IT!

OK. We are done now. Mostly. Shut up.

On to perfumery! I recently came into an insane stash of perfume samples which I'd normally let linger in the bathroom drawer until they'd fossilized, but instead I've decided to wear them! And review them for you!

First up is Versace Bright Crystal. I'm really more of a Dark Crystal kind of girl myself, but this perfume is surprisingly nice. It has fairly strong pomegranate notes which are quite nice; sweet without being overly fruity and teenager-ish. Its not much for longevity though . . .I put it on right before work and by lunchtime it had all but vanished. This isn't one I'll be investing in a full size bottle of, but I'm happy to have my little sample vial!

Gah, that was a long post!

Monday, December 8, 2008

DONE! Exactly one week in advance!

This week is going to be sort of nuts. I'm going out three out of five weeknights and since Pehrspace(Craft) is on SATURDAY!!! I thought it'd be wise to kick my ass into high gear and be READY for the fair early. So I worked my tail off this weekend (in addition to spending HOURS out furniture shopping with boy, which I'll post about tomorrow!) and as of yesterday around 4pm I felt confident saying I was DONE preparing for the fair!

I have 135 items to sell. I have a table. I have appropriate jewelry displays and pricing signs. I AM DONE!


You already know about my earring displays, I made one more just the same way. I bought a FANTASTIC tree at an adorable little shop in Arroyo Grande for my necklaces. I'm using a mirror from Michaels to display beaded necklaces and odds and ends. All of the glassware and china used on the table is either from my collection or purchased at thrift of antique stores. The tags and pricing signs were all made by hand using scrapbook paper. I even have BAGS ready, red lunch style paper bags from Target. I've packed a wristlet in my box to use for cash and I have a cute little notebook that I got from a former Sampler box to use for record keeping. I have mini candy canes, people, I AM MORE THAN READY!

Any LA based readers, click the banner to the left for info on the fair. It'd be awesome to meet some blog friends there! This is my first fair so I'm freaking out a little and could use some friendly faces, but I do feel calmer now that I'm uber-prepared.

Fair veterans: What do you think of the setup? Any suggestions? Any last words of advice?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Likes It Friday

Its about time for a feature round here! Every Friday starting now I'll post about something I like. I might write about a beauty product or a recipe. A book or a blog. All without being paid to do so (although I am certainly open to being paid if the opportunity arises! Being paid = always good!) I'm almost certian to feature Etsy finds, foods involving cheese, and lipgloss. Grammatical errors and sentence fragments are all but guaranteed. "Overwhelming", "alarming" even "creepy" enthusiasm: a given.

First up, Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. You might be thinking "$25 for an eyeliner brush?! YOU CRAZY!" to which I would reply that it is a veritable BARGAIN at $25 since I somehow wound up spending $27 for mine at Bloomies. Moral of story: Don't buy this at Bloomies.

Every other eyeliner brush I've used has been ineffective for one of the following reasons: 1) Too fluffy, ergo only capable of applying eyeliner in inch wide swaths, 2) Comically thin, once the one bristle falls out you've got yourself a lovely brushless handle; or, 3) Angled and hard, which do apply eyeliner nicely but rip out half your eyelashes on their way.

This brush, however, has lovely, rounded, tapered bristles which are substantial enough to pick up a decent sized scoop of gel eyeliner but are also TAPERED enough to apply that eyeliner in a thin line. And despite my repeated washing, I've yet to lose or dislodge a single bristle in this quality brush.

I likes it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I'll (probably) never be a Superstar Blogger

The other day I was reading a blog that I adore by a woman who I'm SURE we all read, and slipped in there between adorable stories about her kids and general updates was something . . . .well . . . kinda mean. It was something so vague that you almost wouldn't even notice it at first. It wasn't even directly mean just suggestive of meanness. But if the person it were about had read it . . . .kinda cringeworthy.

Don't get me wrong . . . the blog in question is one of my favorites. Exactly because of the occasional snark, not in spite of it. And the comment that got my panties in a twist is one that honestly, I feel the author was ENTIRELY ENTITLED TO. Its very likely that if I were in her situation, I'd feel exactly the same. But would I have posted about it? Knowing full well that the person or people it was about might see it? And knowing that it might suggest that I had something, however vague, against them?

Nope. I couldn't.

I'm too sensitive. I'm too empathetic. To a fault. I would stay up all night worrying that this other person was off crying to themselves about the mean thing I'd said. Even if they most likely weren't. Even if I were all but certain they weren't. (Why yes, it IS almost that time of the month again. Thanks for asking!)

Can a blog be interesting without being snide? Or without being contentious? I have LOTS of snide and contentious things I could post, BELIEVE ME. And while I can admit that I enjoy reading those kinds of posts they aren't what I want to talk about here. I have been known to get political on occasion. And it isn't always sweetness and light around here. But more or less, I like to talk about making things, cooking things, and planning my wedding. All without talking much smack. Is that ok?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birds on a Wire

I LOVE my new earring displays!!! My friend Natalie of OrganicStills suggested that I try using ribbons and frames to display my earrings for the upcoming craft show so I went a-Google-ing and found Joyful Abode's earring displays and went running from there.

I modified the idea to a) craft quicker, b) display earrings only and c) use more tape.

I picked up two frames at Ross for about $5 each, selected my prettiest toile fabrics and coordinating ribbons and got to stapling! I used the existing cardboard in the frames and stretched and taped my fabric over them. I stapled in the ribbons and went over all the reverse side edges with more packing tape. Total project time: About 10 minutes for TWO frames.

I was a bit concerned about sagging ribbons but I've had these two frames up for DAYS with tons of earrings displayed on them and still, no catastrophic sagging. A better way to do these I think would be to SEW the ribbons to the cardboard. Alas, I am lazy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can we talk about something OTHER than Thanksgiving food?

Cause my whole plan today was to talk about just that but I am FAKE TURKEY'D OUT!

Lets talk about furniture instead!

Boy and I have Great Plans for our condo and we're starting to put a few of them into action. First up: our kitchen display cabinet.

We have an eat in kitchen and the "eat in" portion is pretty darn small (we make up for it with a FREAKING MASSIVE living room). We don't eat in the kitchen often but we do have a great, very space efficient table for four from Ikea. The table is especially awesome because, with the chairs pushed it, it serves double duty as a buffet. DAMNIT, here I go posting pictures of Thanksgiving food, but WHATEVER:

I'd love to have a massive china cabinet for all of my grandma's crystal, teapots, vintage pyrex, and of course, my collection of shot glasses from holy places. That, of course, wasn't going to happen in the allotted space. However! I found a little curio cabinet online that was only a foot deep and about 36 inches across. It has glass sides and doors and a mirrored back, so its perfect for catching the light and making my crystal look fabulous. The top is also a great home for my collection of spiral bound mid century cookbooks! (And for Boy's plant, which has miraculously managed to stay alive for months despite sharing a living space with me: Mistress of Pathetic and Droopy Looking Houseplants.)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Le Stash

So far:

- 13 pairs of silver tone coin earrings, all different
- 13 pairs of brass tone coin earrings, all different
- 6 silver tone gypsy coin bracelets
- 3 sterling and Swarovski necklaces
- 1 gold and Swarovski necklace
- 1 pair sterling and Swarovski earrings
- 2 pairs sterling and glass briolette earrings
- 2 pairs gold and glass briolette earrings
- 7 pewter tone coin necklaces

GRAND TOTAL (as yet): 48 items

Hot damn, that's not bad for 2 nights of earnest work!

I'm going to break down and do a supply order though. There are some findings and basic items that methinks I should replenish.

And continuing with today's list theme, of the THREE (count em) Thanksgiving dinners I'm having, I'm especially excited about the third on Sunday which I'm hosting for my parents, my boy and my mother and brother in law. It will be all vegetarian!


Irish champ mashed potatoes
Basic stuffing with lots of celery and onion
Green bean casserole (cheddar cheese style)
Sweet corn
Mushroom Gravy
Quorn cutlets roasted with sage


Happy Thanksgiving, kids :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello, Holidays!

The rush has begun! My Etsy sales are picking up for the holidays and I've started to crank out more and more items to add to my shop. In addition, I was just accepted to be a vendor at PehrSpace(craft) on December 13th (much more information will be forthcoming, I promise!) and since this will be my first fair, I'm FREAKING OUT about supply and table display. I'm not sure how many items to bring . . . but my plan so far has just been to GO FOR IT. I'm going to make as many as possible and whatever doesn't sell I can list in my Etsy shop later. There isn't time to bring in additional supplies before the show (which is actually great since I'm already REALLY well stocked at the moment and I SHOULD be using up my existing stash). Last night I made up 6 gypsy coin bracelets and 13 pairs of coin earrings . . . and that was just having sorted through my silver toned coin stash. I also plan to make a collection of gold and copper toned bracelets, brass and copper toned earrings as well as earrings without coins, base metal necklaces in silver and brass tone and of course, sterling and pearl, gold and pearl and ancient precious metal pieces. I'm thinking I should have about 100 items to take to the fair.

As for displays, last night I stopped at Ross and bought a damask silver table cloth and two pewter picture frames to use in making modified versions of Joyful Abode's jewelry displays for my earrings. My table is 25 inches square so I plan to drop the table cloth over it, set up the frames to display my earrings, use cut glass bowls (I have several handy) to display my coin bracelets and use the round mirror I already have to display necklaces. I would LOVE to find some kind of a "tree" situation to display my sterling and gold necklaces, as those are delicate and prone to tangling (not to mention they'd look much nicer if they were hanging and catching the light).

I think since I price all of my bracelets the same that I can get away without tagging those . . . earrings I do price differently but I think I can sort them in rows based on price. I'll have to tag the necklaces but if I can spare myself the work of tagging everything, then having to tag one category isn't that bad!

PHEW, right?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silver and Gold

I got into sterling wire a while back and I've been really happy with the pieces I've produced using it. Sterling is more flexible and stronger than base metal, making it a great, secure choice for setting coins and gems. And sterling has such a pretty, white glow . . . something I'd never noticed before I started making jewelry but real silver and silver colored base metals look TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Sterling is very pale, almost white . . . base metal is colder, more tin-y and metallic looking.

ANYHOW . . . I thought for the holidays since I'd already gotten my feet wet with sterling, why not try GOLD. Yep. Gold. I managed to score some reasonably priced 12k gold wire to play with (thank you Fire Mountain!) and, to keep my prices reasonable, I've finished off many of my gold pieces with heavily gold plated or gold filled findings.

I've used gold to make grape bunch earrings with freshwater pearls in different colors. To set ancient and medieval coins. And also to set Swarovski crystal drops. I've managed to sell three gold pieces so far, and I'm hoping they do well over the holidays. Gold is something I know I wouldn't usually splurge on for myself, but it makes a nice gift!

I was up all night last night fiddling with wire and pearls, so enjoy the photos and let me know what you all think :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makeup and Meltdowns

I have to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding. Have I mentioned this? Well, I do. And I'm not terribly worried about the makeup thing, I have always loved makeup. You could almost say it is a hobby of mine.

I still remember the first makeup I owned. My parents friends Billy and Mickie (who were really more of an aunt and uncle to me than they were friends of my parents) bought me a little makeup bag for my fifth or sixth birthday and inside were a tube of teal mascara (this was 1980-something), a pan of four pastel eye shadows (blue, pink, lavender and teal), a pink blush and a frosty pink lipstick. Note that I can't remember exactly which birthday this was, but I can tell you the exact shades of all the makeup.

Even as a young child I was allowed to wear makeup on the weekends for fun. In sixth grade my parents let me wear lipstick to school. My dad actually got called into the principal's office at one point over said lipstick; where he told her that I was ALLOWED TO wear it, thankyouverymuch. In junior high I was allowed to wear whatever makeup I wanted . . . my mom's reasoning being that if I was going to apply it badly for the first few years, I'd be better off if those years were in junior high, rather than in high school.

All this back story is really just to drive home the point that I KNOW HOW TO DO MY OWN MAKEUP and that this bridal thing should be a piece of cake for me. I'm somehow feeling a lot of pressure though. I've done a few trials and I always either end up with WAY too much stuff on my face or with a look thats really too similar to my everyday makeup.

So yesterday, big idea in mind, I hemorrhaged some money at Sephora then ran home and came up with this:

What think you guys? I know, it photographs really light, but trust me there is a lot of makeup going on there. FULL makeup, no doubt. (Proof: Foundation, Concealer, Blush (In, um, Orgasm. GAH! Why so inappropriately named?! My mother reads this blog!), Highlighter (Clear Radiance), Powder, Eye Shadow (Stila but discontinued), More Eye Shadow (Vintage Ruby), Lipstick, Eyeliner (in black), Eyebrow Pencil (good old Maybeline) and Mascara of indeterminate origin) The point though is to look good IN THE PICTURES, and I'm not sure I look "made up" enough . . . but then when I do add more I think I look clownish and costume-y, both of which things I'm totally trying to AVOID in my wedding photos.

Those of you who are married, how was your makeup for your wedding? How do you feel about it now, looking back at your photos? Do you think you should have worn more or less?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey! Wanna talk about a bag I made like 3 months ago?

OK, great! Seriously, I don't know how I missed posting this baby but somehow I did . . . I'm not even carrying it regularly anymore, thats how long ago I made it! Sometime over the summer I found myself a big fat upholstery fabric sale at an antique furniture and re-upholstery shop. I bought 3 different toile prints thinking they'd look great mixed in one bag. I picked two for the outside of this bag and lined with one of my favorite fabrics (Wuthering Heights its called . . . its the background for my business cards and my Etsy banner!). I did the bag corset style. I LOVE making corset bags! Fidgety but in an easy, not challenging way.

In other news . . . I'm sure you guys were all DYING to hear about my sinuses, right? Well, great! There is news to report! I've been doing this totally gnarly sinus rinsing thing every few nights and guess what? I haven't needed ANY DRUGS in weeks! Thrilling, I know.

Annnnddd . . . boy and I are the proud new owners of two shiny wedding rings! We bought them on Saturday and they're perfect and I cannot freaking wait to wear mine. In less than four months. EEK!

Friday, November 7, 2008

You've got 20 minutes

Boy and I have been having a bit of a time getting dinner on the table lately. I've been working late pretty often, we've been doing the 30 Day Shred together after work most nights (you guys should see my abs . . . seriously!), then taking into consideration the little matter that we're both small business owners IN ADDITION to our day jobs and its kind of a wonder we get ourselves fed at all. Let alone well or regularly.

Some of our favorite really fast dinner options are:

1) Pasta: 1/2 a package of whole wheat pasta, boiled, drained and tossed with shallots sauteed in olive oil, fresh basil ribbons, bits of chopped tomato, a handful of Parmesan and lots of pepper (15 minutes or so)

2) "Meat" and Veg: Riblets (which are freaking AWESOME!) with whole wheat cous cous (made in the microwave with grated Parmesan and pepper for flavor), and a bag of fresh, steam in the nuker broccoli (about 20 minutes staring at the microwave, but bonus points for not using any pots or pans!)

3) Comfort Food Extravaganza!: I make "meat" loaf using Yves Veggie Ground Round, 1 egg, about 1/3 a cup of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and 1/3 of an onion, finely diced . . . form into 6 balls, toss into a muffin pan and bake at 350 or so for 15-20 minutes. Then on the side either make from the box au gratin potatoes (like my grandma used to) or a quick green bean casserole (2 cans of french cut green beans drained really well, spread in a shallow baking dish, evenly topped with blobs of condensed cheddar cheese soup straight from the can, sprinkled with french fried onions, baked at 350-ish for 15 mins or so).

4) Tacos: Veggie Ground Round again, sauteed with store bought taco seasoning. Sliced peppers and onions sauteed in another pan with some olive oil. Lay out tortillas, salsa, a bit of cheese or lettuce, whatever's in the fridge (like, 15 minutes flat)

Its a pretty decent repertoire, I think. And I do cook a "real dinner" at least twice a week. But we are starting to get a bit bored and would LOOOVEEEE to hear any suggestions you may have for quick veggie dinners (<-fishing).

And not to leave you with a photoless post three times in a row, my friend Natalie did a work craft fair today and I sent over a bunch of jewelry to help fill up her table. I bought a round bevled mirror to lay the pieces on as a display. I could end up doing a fair this winter, and I LOVE the mirror look! If I get into the fair I've applied to I'm going to cover my whole table with mirrors I think :)

Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We did, and we didn't

Starters, goes without saying, I AM COMPLETELY THIRLLED about the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election. An Obama win alone would've been thrilling, but can I assume we've all seen the actual electoral numbers? And that we all are aware of the MASSIVE margin by with Barack won? If that isn't hope right there, then I don't know what is.

Having said that: California, I am ashamed of you. It isn't quite over yet, there are millions of absentee and provisional ballots left to be counted, but it is looking like Proposition 8, a measure that would revise the state constitution to make marriage between same sex partners illegal, is likely to pass. And worse still: it seems to have passed not just in the eastern part of the state, which is traditionally more conservative, it very well could pass in the Los Angeles area as well.

I said it on Monday and I still think its true: This is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE. It shocks me that in 2008, in Los Angeles of all places, there are still people around who think its perfectly OK to treat one group of people differently than another. I always thought I lived in a very open minded part of the world, I'm stunned and saddened to find out that isn't entirely true.

This battle is far from over. I know justice will eventually be done. But I'm horrified that another several years and another several million dollars might have to be spent to get us there. And I'm more than a little freaked out to find myself living in what apparently, according to our recent voting record, isn't quite the progressive community I so recently thought it was.

So, ANYWAYS, who's ready to get back to blogging about weddings and jewelry making and sewing and shopping? I AM!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here we are

This morning I walked down to the elementary school I went to as a child, stood in line outside the auditorium with my soon to be husband, and cast my vote for Barack Obama. Some people go their whole lives never having the opportunity to vote for a candidate they truly believe in . . . I feel so fortunate to have had that opportunity twice, once today and once in the primaries.

When boy and I were working on our mortgage, I had a little mantra that I used to keep my sanity. It was "Time inexorably passes". No matter what abject SHIT we were going through, time would pass and eventually, we'd find ourselves in a different place entirely. I think I'm going to be falling back on that mantra today . . . by the time I go to bed the last several months of mud-slinging, the last eight years of ignorance, will have come to an end and we will be SOMEWHERE. I hope we're someplace worth being.

And as for California's highly contentious propositions . . . notably Prop. 8 which would change the California state constitution to prohibit same sex couples from marrying: for the record, I have to say this, I cannot believe in 2008 there are people who still think its reasonable to suggest that anything can be separate but equal. Have we learned nothing? This is a civil rights issue. This is a discrimination issue. To say that gay couples can be "domestic partners" but not married is the same thing as saying that African Americans can go to school, but they must go to their own segregated schools. This is wrong. History will tell that this was wrong.

Soapbox moment over. Now, if you haven't already, get out and vote your conscience.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I have NEWS!!!

And while its not nearly as exciting as Domesticrazy's recent news, I'm thrilled to tell you that boy and I are OFFICIALLY homeowners as of Saturday. It has been a long road . . . I haven't done much talking about it on the blog but let it suffice to say that if there ever were a Purple Heart for patience with the mortgage industry, boy and I deserve a pair of those medals. AND a bag of chips. Each.

The last five months have been trial by fire, but the fact that boy and I still want to get married makes me pretty confident that we'll stay married. I know our lives aren't going to be a neverending stream of cavorting around building things for the house out of twigs and hot glue, like in some HGTV show. Trust me, I haven't assigned any magical fantasies to our home ownership. But we just went though HELL, and I'm sort of glad we've been tested and are still standing. I know, as a couple, we're pretty handy in a crisis. Thats a good thing to know.

So . . . weekend roundup: OMG SO FREAKING BUSY! I did LOTS of jewelry making, boy and I bought and put together a little china cabinet for our dining room (hooray for my grandmother's crystal NOT being in boxes!), I went to my best friend from first grade's 30th birthday party (wrap your mind around THAT one!) and boy and I (I THINK!) found our wedding rings! How was your weeekend?

Friday, October 31, 2008

He's Henry VIII, he is!

Soooo . . . Halloween in the workplace is a touchy subject for me. I used to work in an office where it was a BIG HORKING DEAL. Seriously. We'd all dress up, start the day with mimosas, and leave work at noon for an ALL NIGHT party at the kareoke bar across the street from the office. Mind you this was all COMPANY SANCTIONED. And, more importantly, company FUNDED! Ah, the joys of working at a record label . . . there were downsides too (earning a salary suspiciously close to the poverty line comes to mind), but you'll never catch me saying it wasn't fun!

My new job has LOTS of upsides, one of which, however, is NOT super drunken fun. Not that I mind . . . I'm quite happy here. Its just that getting all dressed up seems kinda . . . inappropriate? I did it one year: I dressed as Rainbow Brite in an entirely handmade, handsewn and self designed costume. Aside from feeling kinda like an ass, nobody knew who I was. Heh.

So, this year, the office is having a pumpkin decorating contest, which I was reluctant to enter because a) my efforts were not so appreciated last time (yes, I'm still pouty about it) and b) regardless of the great Rainbow Bright debacle, I'm known around here as being particuliarly creative and handy with a glue gun, so, PRESSURE!

At about 5pm last night though I had A MAJOR IDEA. And I couldn't help myself. Meet Henry VIII, The Pumkin King:

Here's my inspiration picture, for reference:

He was made using FOUR (count em!) hot glue sticks, leftover jewelry bits from vintage junk bags, fabric remnants, pillow stuffing and a sharpie.

I don't care if nobody knows who he is, I love him!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I may be the last

Has everyone been reading but me?! I finally went and checked it out last night and WOAH! I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. Boy too. Especially that cow one.

Which is good. I needed a laugh. My allergies have been SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME latley and I'm almost at the end of my rope. I went to my allergist this morning and he suggested allergy shots which is all very well but those take over a year and SOME OF US would like to be pregnant sooner than that. I'm assuming you can't get injected with allergy medicine once a week while pregnant. And, MY GOD, I think you probably shouldn't be taking any Allegra or nasal sprays either. . . ZOMG AM GOING TO DIE!!!

Speaking of pregnancy, I was poking around online yesterday trying to find a non-teenager-ish belly ring for my piercing. You know, something that ISN'T festooned with butterflies and pink sparklies. Like, maybe a nice sterling bar would work. Maybe with a garnet or some other gemstone inset? While I was looking I stumbled upon maternity belly rings and, seriously ladies, don't go clicking that link if you're prone to fainting. Not to scar anyone's mental image bank but they're, um, several inches long and FLEXIBLE. Maybe its just me but I always figured I'd take the ring OUT while pregnant, not shove 4 inches of PVC through the hole.

But, anyways.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Full Disclosure

At one point during our Joshua Tree trip, I pulled a Motley Crue t shirt out of my bag and put it on. Boy said "You're going to wear . . .that?" and I said (direct quote) "Why not? This isn't some "ironic" hipster bullshit, I LIVED IT!".

And you might be thinking, "Gee, thats odd, for someone who isn't yet thirty. Cause wasn't Motley Crue popular back when Holly was all of 7 years old?"

And the answer would be, YES, THEY WERE:

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cumberland

So, in the back of our minds, boy and I have been half-assedly (yep, its a word.)looking for an alternate hotel in London. We booked the County Hall Travel Inn months ago just to hold ourselves a room at a good rate (the earlier you book the better your rate, with that chain.) I've stayed at County Hall twice now and I've been very satisfied with it. Its basic though. No frills. And "cheap" for London (by which I mean I had a rate locked of 399 pounds for 3 nights. At today's exchange rate, thats $684. But the exchange rate is all over the place. It could just as easily translate to $800 or more. Seriously.) And since these three nights in London are technically the tail end of our HONEYMOON, I kinda had it in mind that if we could find a great rate elsewhere, we should take it.

Last night we were looking at a hotel my mom suggested and were thhiiiissss cllooooseee to booking when on a whim I decided to check Travelocity. I've booked through them before, but only for Vegas and Anaheim hotel rooms, never overseas. I scanned the first 2 pages of results for my dates . . . too expensive . . . kinda gnarly . . . and then, SHOCKED, I stumbled upon a rate of $250 a night (in dollars) at The Cumberland.

On my first trip to London we stayed at the Bryanston Court Hotel which was a sweet but very basic hotel right around the corner from The Cumberland. (It was 1989, those high tops were the PINNACLE of fashion!) I remember The Cumberland as that NICE hotel down the street. They had DOORMEN! We walked through there a bunch of times, ate and shopped there, but to STAY there?! I'd never even imagined I could!

The hotel has had an EXTENSIVE modern remodel since 1989 but the fantastic location is of course the same and its still a top quality hotel. Considering we were planning to stay in a hotel where the shampoo is on a dispenser in the wall, this is a serious upgrade. Which, exchange rate depending, may or may not cost us more than our original booking would have.


Friday, October 17, 2008

A Winner!

I pulled up the Random Number Generator this morning to pick a contest winner and the lucky girl is . . . LAURA!! Laura's daughter also wins my own personal nod for "best costume idea" . . . she wants to be a SQUARE!!! So creative! Laura, if you read this please email me at hollymix (at) yahoo (dot) com with your shipping info, I'll also comment your blog to let you know you've won.

And now for a solicitation for suggestions. Other cities have Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall . . . in Los Angeles we have "Oh, perhaps I need a light cardigan!" followed by "Pollen so thick you can't see more than 10 feet in front of you", followed by "HOT AS THE SUN" followed by "Dry and on fire". Currently, we are in "Dry and on fire" which has a SLEW of grave issues and implications, none of which I'm going to go into here, other than to point out that my skin is so parched that I wake up with random peely patches every morning.

I need a moisturizer. I need several, actually. And they need to be spectacular.

I've found a body cream thats almost miraculously effective. And a face mask. And a face cream. And an exfoliant. I use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist over makeup which helps loads.

I'm really halfway there as far as finding effective products goes. What I do still need though is a good cleanser and a good serum for under my moisturizer (there is only so much any cream can be expected to do . . .I need extra!).

On the cleanser front I've tried Dove's Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser which somehow manages to make my skin MORE dry. Good old Noxema which works great for a week or so then starts to leave build up on my face. And The Body Shop's Vitamin E cleanser which doesn't really seem to "clean" anything. Help?

On the serum front, I've only tried The Body Shop's Vitamin E version , mostly because it was only $20 and the others are so damn expensive I'm afraid to invest! Do you have one you like? One in a normal-ish price range (say, under $40 or so)?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sold my 500th item on Etsy this morning!!! The necklace pictured at left, one with a Dutch coin dated 1905 and freshwater pearls. YEA!!!

I'm going to try not to get all mushy here but I've got to say that MAN has Etsy been good to me. I opened my shop at the very end of February, 2007 thinking "maybe I'll make enough money to buy some fancy yarn!". In my wildest dreams never did I expect that my shop would be paying for my whole WEDDING, but it is! My day job, though I love it, isn't especially creative . . . Etsy gives me a fantastic outlet for all of my creative energy and ideas. My shop took off pretty quickly, so I've had to learn everything I know about small business, budgeting, taxes, accounting, customer service, shipping, logistics and inventory completely by fire. Its been a lot of work . . . don't forget, each of those 500 items sold was made BY HAND by me! Then packaged by me, and shipped by me, and accounted for by me. But I wouldn't trade the experience of the last 20 months for the world, and I'm hoping that someday soon I'll be celebrating my 1,000th sale!

Reminder, if you haven't, to enter my pay it forward contest below! I'll be picking a winner first thing Friday morning, you're free to enter the contest until midnight tonight!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not really a "nature" person

Boy and I got back late last night from our weekend in Pioneertown, during which I discovered several things:

1) I am a TOTAL FECKING NERD. We went on a short hike through Joshua Tree national park, most of which I spent wiping my nose on my sleeve, popping allergy medication, and trying to keep my glasses from sliding off my face. SEXY!

2) It is FECKING COLD in the desert. Boy and I were huddled in a corner shivering for much of the (FECKING OUTDOOR!) festival. SEE!

Seriously, I was NOT AMUSED by the cold. We left at around 6:30 after Goldrush played and I swear on my life we were HALF WAY HOME before I could fully feel my fingers again.

3) Fortunately, there is very little cold wise that can't be alleviated by Jameson and coffee.

Freezing cold and allergies aside, boy and I had a great time. It was nice to get AWAY, see a bunch of bands and hang out with friends. Also, was nice to eat total crap for three days and not feel guilty about it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pay It Forward

About four months ago, when I was in the midst of moving, Swistle announced a round of Pay It Forward contests and I was DESPERATE to join in but just too busy. It occurred to me the other day though that Swistle still seems to be posting all kinds of updates on these contest thingamiggiers and I WANT IN ON THE FUN, so here it is:

I'm giving away a free pair of handmade sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings like the pair pictured. The earrings are done with all sterling parts and wire, so they're perfect for sensitive ears. The pearls are dyed a pale dove grey and all 18 of them are individually wire wrapped to a base chain using sterling wire . . . the overall look is a bit like a bunch of grapes. They're a great seller in my Etsy shop, I've even sold a few pairs to brides!

This contest is open to anyone, regular reader or not. Just leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a name at random one week from today and announce the winner on Friday, October 17th. If you're at a loss for what to post as your comment, tell me what you or your little ones are dressing up as for Halloween!

Up this weekend: BOY AND I ARE GOING ON VACATION!!! We're driving up to Joshua Tree for a festival. Two nights in a hotel, lots of bands, perhaps some outlet shopping, sounds like a vacation to me!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A bizarre assortment of highs and lows

Tried my best to look after boy last night. Made him a vitamin drink which he barked that he didn't need. Made him soup which he ignored for an hour and let go cold. Went to bed early in hopes he'd do the same but no. So if he winds up with bird flu / ebola / whooping cough / etc. I'll feel entirely justified to skip around him shouting "NEENER NEENER!!!" for the duration of his illness. JUST SAYING.

I still plan to marry him though, as evidenced by the fact that I BOOKED AN OFFICIANT!!! Her name is Anne and she's a Humanist and we had a lovely talk this morning in which she reccomended a book about designing ceremonies. Its a bit of an unusual situation as she normally at least MEETS the people she's marrying before the wedding date but I ordered the book and I'm confident we'll be able to work things out over the phone and via email. We'll have to! She's in WALES!

On the Etsy front: I sold my first neckwarmer of the season! Am rapidly approaching 500 sales! Made so much jewelry over the last week or so that I more or less CAN'T make anything else for a while for fear of being EATEN ALIVE by beads and coins! Regardless, have just purchased a slew of new pearls, ancient Roman coins and French turn of the century coins! Also, more carnelian!

Who is watching project runway with me tonight? Whos your favorite? I'm leaning towards Jerell. LOVE Leanne's stuff as well but I have a feeling Jerell is going to pull off something spectacular for his final collection.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flyby . . .


But I AM alive and I'm consumed by blog guilt so quickly, an update:

1) Mom is sick now and also boy whinging about feeling flu-ish. Full on viral assult seems inevitable.

2) Also on JURY DUTY call in this week, oh the joyus joy!

3) Going AWAY ON VACATION this weekend which could all get FARKED by illness and or jury duty.

4) DRESS FITTING!!! There was a wedding dress fitting on Saturday. Things were cut. A good time was had by all. Perhaps I could be persuaded to secretively link to photos.

5) ACK!!! TOO BUSY!!!! Gotta go, k, bye!

Friday, October 3, 2008


My whole floor at work has been sick for a month, which more or less means I spend the majority of my waking hours in a cesspit. I've done everything in my power to prevent getting sick myself: I HAVE HAND SANITIZER ON MY DESK! (As in, "If you wish to speak to me, please disinfect yourself first. Thanks!"), I drink 2 or 3 Emergen-C packets A DAY!, I've been sleeping as much as possible, staying in most nights, and generally cowering under my desk every time anyone sneezes (OFTEN!).

Despite said best efforts, I've got a low grade sore throat. It popped up on Saturday and I thought "here we go!" but then by Sunday morning it was gone. I spent Sunday at the Huntington with my family (after which my dad fell sick for a few days . . . THE VIRUSES ARE ATTACKING FROM MULTIPLE ANGLES!!). The sore throat rebounded on Wednesday, just in time for boy and I to go see My Bloody Valentine. Despite SEVERAL beers and the most spectacularly loud show I've ever been to in my LIFE, I felt better on Thursday. So much for rest and virtuous consumption.

If I'm going to be sick . . .fine. It could even be fun. I'd bunker down with my duvet and a pot of soup and the Crusades DVDs I've yet to find time to watch. I'D ACTUALLY KINDA ENJOY IT. But this back and forth for a month BS is really killing me. I AM SO OVER IT!

In other health related news, I've been pronounced medically fit for babymaking! I felt sorta like a tool asking my doctor how to go about getting pregnant because GAWD shouldn't I KNOW?! And I do of course but having spent my life thus far trying NOT to get pregnant its a bizarre switch to contemplate. This is all just info to sit on for now, we won't be actually trying until after the wedding. But having been engaged for 10 months now (GAWD!) I know how fast time can go!

Have I called the officiant, you ask? Not really . . .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Didn't oxidize any sterling last night . . .

. . . but I did make this!!!

I've had a handful of ancient British tribal coins (yep, ANCIENT) in my collection for-EVER but since they're on the fragile side, not to mention small and ANCIENT I was afraid to attempt drilling them. I did try out a wire wrap technique at one point but this was before I discovered sterling wire, which is FAR nicer and also far sturdier than base metal wire.

It occured to me to give it another go last night, this time in sterling. I LOVE the results. What think you guys?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


1) Still have not called the officiant. WOE!

2) Really, REALLY need to clean out my t-shirt drawer. Perhaps will do tonight. Whilst not calling officiant.

3) Jewelry making binge continues . . . ten pieces last night. Bring on the holiday buyers! Otherwise, I'll likely end up being EATEN ALIVE by scads of earrings and necklaces.

4) Made an awesome dinner last night: 1/2 a package whole wheat spaghetti . . .quarter and seed a handful of cherry tomatoes, slice a handful of basil into ribbons, finely mince a shallot and sautee in olive oil just until transparent . . . add a glug or two more of olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss pasta w/ veggies, shallot oil and a handful of parmesan.

5) Taking a 2 day Shred vacation. Having weird hip pain which I'm sure is repetitive motion related. Also seeing My Bloody Valentine tomorrow night (YEA!) so no time for working out (unless I wake up early, which . . . see "not calling officiant").

6) Going to attempt to oxidize some sterling tonight. Whilst not calling the officiant and/or cleaning out my t-shirt drawer.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Huntington and other fun

Had quite the weekend!!!

On Saturday I got through an EPIC cleaning out of my jewelry making supplies. When I first started making jewelry I had a box or two from Joann, like this one but a cheaper, $1.19 version. As my bead collection grew, my box collection also grew, which was all fine and dandy until I looked around one night and realized I had TWELVE BOXES. I defy anyone to find the correct jump ring, seed bead, or other item of impossibly small size when confronted with TWELVE boxes each having TWENTY compartments.

So I did a re-org and moved MANY of the beads that I don't use particularly often into small zip top bags. Anyone reading this now who is in possession of a growing bead collection, trust me, for all the fancy beading organizers you can buy in stores NOTHING is as convenient for working with a big collection as simple little zip top bags. They're portable, easy to sort through, and easy to fish beads out of. Use the small, jewelry style ones like these. Or just save up all the little bags from your Fire Mountain orders, like I do :)

I'm down to 6 boxes now (and one big one for wire and tools). Jewelry making after the re-org was SO MUCH more efficient, and more fun!

On Sunday, after all that bead cleaning (and what appeared to be the start of the flu but turned out to be nothing), I figured I deserved a break. I spent the day with boy, my parents and boy's dad and grandma at the Huntington Gardens. PHOTOS!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

OMFG, Getting MARRIED!!!

It just occured to me that I'm getting married on March 10th. This should come as no suprise to me, since I PICKED THE DATE. However, having gotten engaged in January, boy and I did a lot of planning right off the bat then more or less left the whole thing alone. I mean, within a day or two we had a date and a venue. We had that whole international insurance fiasco, but got everything squared away by March-ish. I bought my dress over 6 months ago so I have it hanging in my closet now. Our flights and hotel bookings, and those of our families, are all taken care of.

But, omfg, there is so much more to do.

I got on the case these last few days. #1, first and foremost, we NEED AN OFFICIANT. It'd be pretty lame to drag everyone to Wales then have nobody to marry us. I did start working on this a few months ago, I have the name and phone number of an officiant in North Wales. But with the time difference and all I've been putting off calling her. MUST!!! DO!!! SOON!!!

Yesterday I found a hotel near Hampton Court for boy's mom and siblings and got that reserved for them. I also started working on trying to set up a Hampton Court ghost slide show for everyone; given by one of our palace friends, Ian, who is HCP's resident ghost expert.

I called this morning and made an apointement with a tailor who was highly reccomended by a dear friend of mine (whose wedding dress fit like it was made for her). My mom and I called The Albion in East Molesy and confirmed that they can do a semi private party for us and our local friends the Saturday before the wedding.

Still to do: Buy train passes (although I've reserached what we'll need for boy and I and for boy's family), BUY RINGS, buy a UK voltage garment steamer for my dress . . . boy needs something to WEAR to the wedding but thats his problem. Then there are things that we really can't do until the last minute . . . like printing out train schedules for all of our trips and setting up a Fedex situation to get my dress home from Wales.

Its coming along though. Here's some link-y share-age!

3/5/09 - Fly to London
3/6/09 - Arrive in London, stay at Hampton Court, dinner at the Prince of Wales with My parents, Paul's mom and siblings
3/7/09 - Party for family and UK friends at The Albion
3/8/09 - Dinner for family at The Mitre followed (HOPE!) by a Hampton Court Ghost Presentation back at our apartment.
3/9/09 - Travel to Conwy, Check in to the Castle Hotel
3/10/09 - WEDDING DAY!!! Ceremony at Conwy Castle followed by dinner at Dawson's Restaurant
3/11/09 - Boy and I are taking everyone to Caernarfon Castle for the day
3/12/09- 3/16/09 - Boy and I are going to be in Edinburgh for our honeymoon, staying at the Bank Hotel and planning trips to Mary King's Close, The Witchery, The Scotch Whiskey Experience, and as many other silly touristy things as we can manage.
3/16/09- 3/18/09 - Boy and I will be in London staying at the kinda boring but excellently located County Hall Travel Inn.
3/19/09 - Fly home (boo!!!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Spot of Sewing

I had the bug on Sunday, so I thought I'd crank out a new work tote bag for myself. I carry a purse of course, but I've also got a BIG ASS BAG to bring to the office with my wedding binder, my mortgage info (oh, what was that? you thought we'd be done buying the condo by now? HA HA HA HA HA!), a stack of bills, some jewelry and camera memory cards, receipts, lunch, a bottle of water, etc. etc. ad nauseum. You get the picture.

I had a bag that I'd made ages ago but it was feeling a bit small. Also, I wanted a bag that was black and creepy (to match my soul, of course.)

I stopped by Joann and picked up some excellent Halloween spider print cotton and some sturdy black denim and made myself a corset tote. LOVE!

I realized halfway through making the bag that I should have made a MIXED TOILE tote instead, so I'll do that over this weekend perhaps. Never can have enough totes, I say.

On the 30 Day Shred Front . . .I'm plowing on through! Level 1 is starting to feel easy. I've gone up w/ my hand weights from 2 to 3 lbs. I don't want to go higher because my frame is really small (ring size is 4 1/2, remember) and I can get bulky easily, which would completely defeat the purpose. I don't want to move up though until my form on everything is 100% perfect, and the 30 seconds of pushups thing is giving me grief. I can do 10 seconds, then rest, then half-ass the rest. I'm working on it though! And, for the first time since I was a skater, I'm starting to get cuts back in my abs. :D Hooray!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thrifty Goodness!!!

Over the weekend I accidentally drove by the Salvation Army Thrift Store (drove straight past the hardware store that I meant to go to) and I saw a sign saying "50% off! Grand Opening!". It was NOT in fact the store's grand opening, its been there for months, so I thought the 50% off part might have been a bit dubious as well, but I was happily wrong!

I picked up a Glassbake olive daisies patterned split casserole dish (LOVE the split casseroles, and so easy to find! Maybe people think they aren't useful or something? I mean, yeah, probably NOT so useful to be able to make a casserole in 2 sections, but they're great as serving pieces.). I also found pretty much the coolest mug I'VE ever found at a thrift store (although its totally not as awesome as Refabulous' recent find).

There's a curious little scene going on in the mug, and I'm open to suggestions as to whats actually taking place. I've got 1) Gnomes sneaking up on a squirrel, 2) Squirrel getting manicure from creepy dancing carpenter or 3) Someone's bizarre 70's acid trip. What do you think?