Friday, November 30, 2007

Various Sundry Matters

Its gotten to that point in the year where much that I craft isn't postable (holiday gifts!!), so I've got quite a few things I'm REALLY excited about, but they'll have to wait to see the light of day (er, light of the internet?).
Lately, in addition to making holiday gifts, I've been working my butt off on my Etsy shop. Its paid off, I'm up to 109 items sold!! One of my most newly listed items is the hat pictured here. I made up the pattern to match my crocheted brick stitch neckwarmers. I love these hats . . .they're not quick to make, but the added texture of the brick stitch makes it worth the effort I think! I might try to write out the pattern and post on Craftster soon, I'll make mention of that here if I do!!
Tonight is the night of my "100th sale celebration" dinner with the boy. I'm excitied to have hit 300 hearts today, so we'll have two things to celebrate!!!! Also, I checked the Indie Craft Documentary flickr page and I see that they took the bag I made for them to the Chicago Trunk Show craft fair to sell. I'm super excited that one of my bags was up for sale at such a cool fair!! I hope it sold and made a bit of money for them and their film :)

Listening:  The Cure- "A Letter To Elise" (Live in Australia)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Do You Eat For Thanksgiving?!?!?

I get this question a LOT, so this year, I took a picture!!!

Clockwise, from upper left corner:

-Quorn cutlet with veggie gravy: I LOVE quorn products! They've got the same texture exactly as chicken (mind you I haven't had chicken in a decade, but still, they fool me!). This year I grilled the cutlets with some olive oil and poultry seasoning. Veggie gravy comes in packets sold at natural food stores. My dad actually admitted last year to PREFERRING it over turkey gravy.

-Green Bean Casserole: Made with 2 cans of french cut green beans, 1 can of Campbells cheddar cheese soup and 1 large can of Durkees french fried onions (assemble and bake, thats all!)

-Champ potatoes w/ veggie gravy: Champ are mashed potatoes Irish style, with lots of Kerrygold butter and sliced green onions


-STUFFING!!!: Made in a casserole instead of a bird and using veggie broth, stuffing can be completely vegetarian. Stuffing is pretty much my favorite thing ever, with LOTS of celery and onions!

Then, after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, we vegetarians crash on the sofa and nap until its time for pie . . . just like the rest of you lot :)

Listening:  White Christmas

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving . . . and FREE SHIPPING at My Etsy Shop!

Happy Turkey day folks!!! (yeah, I know, I'm a vegetarian . . .but wishing people "Happy Turkies" is just the kind of irony I love :))
To celebrate, I'm offering Free Shipping (even international!!!) on ALL my items through next Wednesday! :)

Listening:  Failure- "Enjoy The Silence" (Because I'm thankful for Failure AND Depeche Mode this year.)

Monday, November 19, 2007

My 100th Sale!!!!

8 1/2 months in and I've finally made my 100th sale on Etsy! When I opened my shop back at the end of February, I thought maybe I'd sell a handful of items. The response to my necklaces, purses, and lately neckwarmers though has been really overwhelming. I'm so excited to have hit this important milestone . . . I feel like I have a legit shop going now!
To celebrate, the boy and I are going to go to Luna Park for dinner next weekend. S'mores, here we come!!!
Even though I've hit a big milestone, this is no time to slow down! The holiday shopping rush is upon us and I'm trying my hardest to make sure my shop is in shape to take advantage of it! Over the weekend I listed 4 necklaces, then I did a custom order of 2 neckwarmers (my 99th and 100th!), then I made up 3 new neckwarmers to list today, one of which has already sold! I've got an order of new jewlery supplies in so I'm planning on making up a few necklaces tonight . . . along with a few more of those ever popular neckwarmers!

Listening:  Track Star- "Feet First"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

20% off of The Victoria Collection!

So, I'm at 98 sales at my
Etsy shop and I really wanna hit 100 soon cause when I do the boy and I are going out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Luna Park . . . and the biggest shopping day of the year is coming up next week, so because of and in honor of all that I've put my ENTIRE collection of Victorian coin necklaces on sale at 20% off!
Hopefully that will spark two little sales so I can have s'mores for dinner over the weekend ;)
In other news, I just got a HUGE pile of new rocks that my dad picked up for me at TINTAGEL and drilled holes in (how is it that sometimes things you get for free are the best things to get?) and I'm very excited to work up some jewelry incorporating those. I've also got an amazing new stash of tea towels from my parents' trip to Ireland, England and France to make purses from, so I hope to get some of those done and listed soon! And did I mention the fossil beads they brought back for me?!!? Yep, fossil beads. Check the Etsy for the first of many necklaces to be listed using those.
I'm going to see
Division Day at the Echoplex tonight, but hopefully I'll get some major crafting done over the weekend so I can list lots of new goodies next week!

Listening:  Division Day- "Plowed"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!!!

I had a fantastic time on my trip and promise to blog about all of the crafty goodies I picked up soon! Also promise to blog about the MARVELOUS stone beads my parents picked up for me in Ireland! Really, I've got some absolutely yummy stuff and hope to get LOTS of fabulous new jewelry up in my Etsy shop soon!
For now though, Check out my NEW collection of Archaeologically inspired jewelry!!! The first piece is up, pictured. A long chain necklace featuring a GENUINE ancient Roman bead dated to 100AD. Woah! I've got lots more coming too, including necklaces featuring Celtic ring money, ancient British barbarian tribe coins, FOSSILS (!) and more. So excited about this new line!
Off now to make more jewelry and try desperately to catch up on the sleep I lost while on vacation . . . I've been taking about 10 hours a night since I got home and honestly, I could do more! Its a toss up . . .sleep, make jewelry, sleep, make jewelry ?!?!? If only I could better harness my sleepwalking tendencies! ;)

Listening:  Goldrush - "Can't Give Up The Ghost", Truck Festival Flood Video