Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Do You Eat For Thanksgiving?!?!?

I get this question a LOT, so this year, I took a picture!!!

Clockwise, from upper left corner:

-Quorn cutlet with veggie gravy: I LOVE quorn products! They've got the same texture exactly as chicken (mind you I haven't had chicken in a decade, but still, they fool me!). This year I grilled the cutlets with some olive oil and poultry seasoning. Veggie gravy comes in packets sold at natural food stores. My dad actually admitted last year to PREFERRING it over turkey gravy.

-Green Bean Casserole: Made with 2 cans of french cut green beans, 1 can of Campbells cheddar cheese soup and 1 large can of Durkees french fried onions (assemble and bake, thats all!)

-Champ potatoes w/ veggie gravy: Champ are mashed potatoes Irish style, with lots of Kerrygold butter and sliced green onions


-STUFFING!!!: Made in a casserole instead of a bird and using veggie broth, stuffing can be completely vegetarian. Stuffing is pretty much my favorite thing ever, with LOTS of celery and onions!

Then, after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, we vegetarians crash on the sofa and nap until its time for pie . . . just like the rest of you lot :)

Listening:  White Christmas

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KreativeMix said...

looks really yummy!!!!