Friday, November 30, 2007

Various Sundry Matters

Its gotten to that point in the year where much that I craft isn't postable (holiday gifts!!), so I've got quite a few things I'm REALLY excited about, but they'll have to wait to see the light of day (er, light of the internet?).
Lately, in addition to making holiday gifts, I've been working my butt off on my Etsy shop. Its paid off, I'm up to 109 items sold!! One of my most newly listed items is the hat pictured here. I made up the pattern to match my crocheted brick stitch neckwarmers. I love these hats . . .they're not quick to make, but the added texture of the brick stitch makes it worth the effort I think! I might try to write out the pattern and post on Craftster soon, I'll make mention of that here if I do!!
Tonight is the night of my "100th sale celebration" dinner with the boy. I'm excitied to have hit 300 hearts today, so we'll have two things to celebrate!!!! Also, I checked the Indie Craft Documentary flickr page and I see that they took the bag I made for them to the Chicago Trunk Show craft fair to sell. I'm super excited that one of my bags was up for sale at such a cool fair!! I hope it sold and made a bit of money for them and their film :)

Listening:  The Cure- "A Letter To Elise" (Live in Australia)

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Nutsy Coco said...

I like the brick stitch on the hat. I hope you had a great celebration dinner!