Monday, November 19, 2007

My 100th Sale!!!!

8 1/2 months in and I've finally made my 100th sale on Etsy! When I opened my shop back at the end of February, I thought maybe I'd sell a handful of items. The response to my necklaces, purses, and lately neckwarmers though has been really overwhelming. I'm so excited to have hit this important milestone . . . I feel like I have a legit shop going now!
To celebrate, the boy and I are going to go to Luna Park for dinner next weekend. S'mores, here we come!!!
Even though I've hit a big milestone, this is no time to slow down! The holiday shopping rush is upon us and I'm trying my hardest to make sure my shop is in shape to take advantage of it! Over the weekend I listed 4 necklaces, then I did a custom order of 2 neckwarmers (my 99th and 100th!), then I made up 3 new neckwarmers to list today, one of which has already sold! I've got an order of new jewlery supplies in so I'm planning on making up a few necklaces tonight . . . along with a few more of those ever popular neckwarmers!

Listening:  Track Star- "Feet First"