Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!!!

I had a fantastic time on my trip and promise to blog about all of the crafty goodies I picked up soon! Also promise to blog about the MARVELOUS stone beads my parents picked up for me in Ireland! Really, I've got some absolutely yummy stuff and hope to get LOTS of fabulous new jewelry up in my Etsy shop soon!
For now though, Check out my NEW collection of Archaeologically inspired jewelry!!! The first piece is up, pictured. A long chain necklace featuring a GENUINE ancient Roman bead dated to 100AD. Woah! I've got lots more coming too, including necklaces featuring Celtic ring money, ancient British barbarian tribe coins, FOSSILS (!) and more. So excited about this new line!
Off now to make more jewelry and try desperately to catch up on the sleep I lost while on vacation . . . I've been taking about 10 hours a night since I got home and honestly, I could do more! Its a toss up . . .sleep, make jewelry, sleep, make jewelry ?!?!? If only I could better harness my sleepwalking tendencies! ;)

Listening:  Goldrush - "Can't Give Up The Ghost", Truck Festival Flood Video

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