Monday, October 15, 2007

No Sooner Do I Finish October . . .

. . . than its Sampler time AGAIN for November!

After a grueling marathon session sewing last night, I'm ready to send my contribution for the November Sampler. This month I'm contributing 40 gemstone chip pendants and a very special 10 hand made coin purses! These samples also feature my brand new, professionally printed, self designed business cards! So glossy! I'm going to take a small break from The Sampler for December, as I'll be on vacation in the UK for a good week next month, so I wanted my November contribution to be really killer. I think they turned out well!

I think if I contributed the same thing month after month I'd go insane . . . and I plan to be a part of The Sampler as many months out of the year as possible! So I'm already tying to come up with ideas for my upcoming contributions. I've got a few brewing . . . so hopefully my January contribution will be even better.

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