Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Historical Figures Swap!!!!

The Craftster Historical Figures Swap that I participated in is finally complete!!! For this swap, I sent in a list of historical figures I was interested in and my partner did the same. We made each other 3 items or so each based on those figures. My partner did all of her crafting for me based on Anne Boylen. I almost squealed when I opened my box and saw a FRENCH HOOD of all things. It was literally all I could do to not rip it out of the box and wear it at the office! She also put together a little purse holding a collection of 'Anne's things' including a B necklace, pearls, a mirror, a hankerchief, tons of fun stuff! And lastly a gorgeous sparkly stole and a bunch of Crunchie bars!
My package to her included a pirate-y Anne Bonney themed tote bag, a necklace featuring a photo of Hampton Court, a print of that photo, a red brick stitch neckwarmer with Tudor rose buttons (!) and a slew of Reeses Pieces mini bags.
A fantastic swap all around! I'm swapless right now for the first time in a while . . . I think I'll be on the prowl for a new swap soon!

Listening:  Ravens and Chimes- "January"

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