Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cleaning Out The Freezer

Over the last few weeks I've realized that I can no longer accurately identify some of the stuff from the back of my freezer. Basically, I had a few containers of "pasta and I don't effin' know what" and seeing as those aren't usually my first choice for lunch, I decided to clean out and restock.

I tossed everything I couldn't identify and everything I could that wasn't good the first time around (my sad attempt at bubble and squeak . . . a tofu stir fry that had gone awry). Then I made a big batch of veggie bolognaise (see below!), a batch of lentil and barley vegetable soup (recipe is in here somewhere, I swear), and a nice batch of stuffed peppers, but done casserole style. Instead of stuffing the individual peppers I cut them up and put them at the bottom of a casserole dish then topped the whole lot w/ rice/fake meat mixture and cheese. It tasted just as good and was less messy to make and eat. I'm of the opinion that getting a casserole dish out is always a good time, but this totally proved it all over again!

I'm ready to settle in for a few weeks of being able to ID my lunch!

Listening:  Goldrush - "Heaven Is My Destiantion"

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