Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Business Card and Promo Item Swap #2!

The swap packages are just rolling in now! This round of the swap, which I organized, had 18 participants! Most of us sent to 12-14 of those, and sent out an equal number of packages of our own! So the ammount of fun stuff coming in with this swap has just been staggering.
The pics in this post were shamelessly ripped off from Modus Operandi's etsy shop since she took such great pictures for our craftster gallery.
The goodie bags I've put together for my customers from this swap are awesome. As a buyer, I'd love to get one! And the goodies keep on rolling in . . . I'd say I'm only about halfway to recieving every package I'm slated for. Squeal!

Listening:  The Cure- "Lovesong"

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