Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Shawl of Doom

I found this insanely cool pattern via Craftster several months ago and made myself a blue shawl. Then I made my mom a green one. I just finished a black one (also a gift) the other night. Every time I finish this pattern I tell myself I'm NEVER going to do it again . . . its a HUGE project (about 1,000 yards of yarn) and I'm more of a "finish it in a night" kind of girl. The results are really so spectacluar though that I can't help but think of this pattern whenever I'm brainstorming nice gift ideas. The picture above is a bit wonky (you try taking a photo of yourself in a mirror wearing a shawl!), but see the Craftster link for lots of great photos! I've always done this pattern in acrylic since the overall weight of the shawl is heavy anyways and I wouldn't want to tempt fate by using thick wool (I'm picturing the results being too heavy to wear and walk at the same time), but perhaps it would look nice in a mohair or angora . . . see . . . here I go again.


allan said...

If you had a wide angle lens, then taking that particular picture might not be so wonky.

jemima bean said...

Had to say I stumbled across your blog looking for a lavender scented sachet. HA! I loved the crochet cupcake though, and made one straightaway. Cute blog!