Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Promos are done!!! (Again!)

After pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong had (printer out of ink, can't find images, hot glued fingers together, you name it!) I have FINALLY finished and packaged up my promos for the Craftster Promo Item and Business Card Swap 2. I organized the swap this go around which has been quite a bit of work, but fun as well. With the organizing, general running of my Etsy shop, and participating in the Historical Figures Swap, I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to finish all of my promo items in time . . . and honestly, the sending of the promos really is the entire point with this swap. The more promos I send the more chances I make to get my name into a potential buyer's hands . . .so these not only had to be good, there had to be a lot of them! (Did I mention, they're handmade?).

In the end, I put 8 promos, 2 solo business cards, 3 Meho Plaza EPs and 10 Division Day fliers in each package (I figured if I'm already sending on behalf of Mixtape, I might as well get some music into a few crafty hands while I'm at it!). Did I mention there are 14 packages? Yep. Thats right. 112 fully handmade promo items (not to mention the 25 or so I kept to include with my own orders and to give out to friends).


Listening:  Division Day

Listening:  Meho Plaza

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