Monday, August 27, 2007

I can finally post pictures of my mom's birthday presents!

For my mom's birthday, among other non-crafted gifts, I included 2 crocheted shrugs and a large zippered tote bag. The tote bag I did in a green print that matches her winter coat. I added black watch tartan accents, an embroidered Tudor rose and red brick print lining. The overall look was VERY Tudor!

The first shrug I did in Knitpicks Shamrock yarn (Irish themed!). I did a modified version of the Knot Ugly shrug from the Happy Hooker book. I added about 2 or 3 inches in length to the body and nixed the ties in favor of a rhinestone vintage button closure. The shrug came out so well and so quickly that I immediately started on a second one, the Short and Sweet (shown in mustard yellow), also from the Happy Hooker. This pattern was more challenging, but still not what I'd call "difficult". I love the outcome . . . relief stitches are just gorgeous! In fact, I've already started on another one of these for me!

Listening:  Cut Copy- "Future"

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