Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yarn Ball Goodies!!!!

So, you've seen the scarf, now here are all of the goodies that my lovely partner included in my magic yarn ball!!! Some of my favorites were a set of veggie stitch markers from her Etsy Shop, a cookie mirror (soon to be in her shop!!), a sheep tape measure, nerds, liplgoss, and an adorable crocheted carrot!
And in her magic yarn ball, I included two brooches to decorate the bag she planned to make, an unstuffed blood pillow, fabric for lining her bag and a matching coin purse and kleenex cover set, an Electric Soft Parade CD and some trinkets and tea.
I had SO MUCH fun with this swap!! I was able to craft a bunch of my items and my partner was the best. We had such a great time emailing and coming up with ideas for each other . . . I'm sad it's over! But at least I have Mr. Carrot, my favorite new desk toy, to keep me smiling!

Listening:  Ryan Ferguson- "Suddenly"

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