Thursday, July 12, 2007

Polenta Bruschetta

In Vegas, the boy and I had the most amazing polenta "fries" with marinara sauce at Caesar's Palace. I was inspired to try something similar at home. Using prepared polenta made these super quick and easy. They're a nice twist on my usual bruschetta recipe!

Polenta bruschetta :

1 "tube" of prepared polenta (plain or flavored)
2 medium sized tomatoes, seeded and diced
about 12 basil leaves, cut into ribbons
1 egg, beaten well
a handful of seasoned breadcrumbs
olive oil
mozzarella or Parmesan to garnish

-slice polenta into rounds about 1/2 an inch thick, dip each round into egg first, then breadcrumbs
-fry rounds in a single layer (using multiple batches if needed) in a nonstick fry pan with a little olive oil, turning over once
-meanwhile, mix tomatoes, basil, salt and about 1 tsp of olive oil
-top fried polenta cakes w/ tomato basil mixture and garnish with cheese

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