Monday, July 9, 2007

Butterfly Stitch Scarf

On the way to Vegas for Tara's wedding, I worked on my scarf from the Magic Yarn Ball Swap in the car! My partner sent this GORGEOUS avacado green merino wool yarn and I thought it'd be perfect to use in trying my hand at writing my own openwork crochet patern, something I've been meaning to do for some time now! The scarf is sort of a checkerboard between blocks of dc and buttefly stitch blocks. Here's an attempt at a pattern!

Butterfly Stitch Muffler:

Special Stitches: Butterfly Stitch (BS), sc around 3 chs

1-ch. 34
2-dc in 3rd ch from hook, *(5 dc, ch 5) repeat until last ch, 1 dc in last ch, ch 2, turn
3-1 dc in dc, *(ch 5, 5 dc) repeat until last dc, 1 dc in last dc, ch 2, turn
4-1 dc in dc, *(5 dc, ch 5) repeat until last dc, 1 dc in last ch, ch 2, turn
5-1 dc in dc, *(ch 2, 1 BS, ch 2, 5dc) repeat until last dc, 1 dc in last dc, ch 1, turn
6-1 sc in dc, *(ch 5, 5 sc in dc) until last dc, sc in dc, ch 2, turn

Repeat from #2-6 until desired length.

Finishing: sc in contrasting color around scarf making 2 sc in every 2ch or dc space. Repeat with one row of straight sc around.

This is the most complicated pattern I've written to date, so if anything is confusing or if anyone has any feedback, please let me know! Criticisims are welcome :)

Listening:  Electric Soft Parade- "Misunderstanding"


perigrine said...

I was reading through your pattern and got a bit confused, with this part "*(5 dc, ch 5) repeat until last ch" - Is that meant to be 5dc, ch5, skip 5 st?

Anonymous said...

The black bra under the yellow tee shirt is TACKY as all h-e- double hocky sticks!

HollyLynne said...

So is leaving rude anonymous comments! Hope you clicked some of my banner ads while you were here!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing some searching for a new pattern to try out and give to some people as a present. This sounds so interetsing, but the finished product is somewhat hard to see in your picture. However, kudos to you for posting a pattern for everyone!

Lisa Perez said...

Please post a new picture showing the actual pattern on the scarf, the side view doesn't show a thing. Would love to try your pattern after I see what the finished product looks like. Thanks! And keep up the good work :)