Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Bags for me!

So, here's the bag that started my tote frenzy! On Sunday I made three bags for myself for an upcoming trip. The tote kicked the whole lot off, made from a too small shirt that I bought solely for the pirate screen print! I lined the insides with a pirate themed fabric and finished it all of with a black strap. This bag is for beach and pool going . . .but not quite right for dinners out. So I added a cocktail wristlet just big enough to hold my camera, a phone and a lipgloss. Since wristlets are a bit too small to hold my everyday wallet (and honestly, who needs a checkbook on vacation?) I added a third bag, a mini coin purse big enough to hold my id and cards. I'm all set for my trip! Better make sure to stock a few business cards in that coin purse, in case anyone asks where I got all of my fabulous bags! ;)

Listening:  Old 97s- "Wish The Worst"

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