Monday, July 23, 2007

I Should've Taken A Before Picture

After over four hours of back breaking labor last night (hmm . . . wonder how many calories I burned?), my closet is officially cleaner than it has been pretty much ever. I literally got rid of more than I kept. I found a few hidden gems in the back like a pair of perfectly fitted Miss 60 jeans that were missing a button (I hoard buttons, so that was a super easy fix), but most of what I pulled out fell in the "why do I have this?" category rather than the "why did I forget I have this?" one. Its a little scary to think that I'm getting rid of so many things which at the time I bought them obviously seemed essential to me. But in honesty, am I really ever going to wear shirts from high school again? Is it important to keep a pair of jeans simply because I bought them while on vacation? If I've loved an item and worn it to death but don't wear it anymore, is it ok to let it go? And if I've really never worn something whats the point of holding on to it in case I might "someday" feel inspired to wear it?
We'll see how maintenance on the new closet organization goes . . . If anything though for a few months at least I think I'll be inclined to pay more attention to what I buy.

Listening:  Division Day- "Hurricane"

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Nutsy Coco said...

Nice closet! I know exactly how you feel! Before moving across country a couple years ago I did a major closet clean out and was practically appalled at all the clothes I didn't really like or want anymore. I've managed to do a pretty good job since then of only buying things I really want.