Monday, July 16, 2007

Extremely Interested In Ribbons

Since making special, unique, embellished purses is my favorite thing to do lately, and since applique is only interesting for so long, it was natural that my next obsession would be ribbons. I love them!!! There are lacy ribbons, tapestry ribbons, glittery, satiny velvet . . . they have a really romantic and old fashioned quality that I adore.
I've finally hit the point in my sewing where I can get an idea in my head and make it a reality. I can use the things that inspire me throughout the day in my work instead of being limited by what I can or can't do with my machine. The purse above is such a great example of that and I'm so proud to have taken a bit of inspiration and turned it into a finished product!

Listening:  Ryan Ferguson- "Not On My Watch"

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Shell Mitchell said...

I love this fabric, ribbon, button combo!