Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quick Steel

I've spent the last several months searching high and low for a glue that would hold together button and coin rings. Rings take a lot of abuse; they get wet, they get knocked around, they get dropped. I needed something super strong and with a little bit of body to it to fill in the gaps between button or coin back and ring pad. The rundown on what I've tried is as follows:

1) E6000. Works great bonding paper to glass, but is pretty much useless and peel-off-y when trying to bond metal to metal or metal to plastic. Also, it has no body whatsoever.

2) Hot Glue. Tons of body, but one sharp knock and its hold just lets go.

3) Super Glue, Locktite brand. Ok for bonding two perfectly flat surfaces, but not 100% permanent. . . after about a week or so of wear rings made with this glue tended to break. Also, it has no body so bonding two surfaces that weren't completely flat was impossible. Which leads me to . . .

4) Hot glue, broken after drying and then supplemented with super glue. Lasts the longest of the methods listed above, but still not 100% permanently bonded.

5) Gorilla Glue with clamps. Neat-o foaming, space filling action, but completely useless as a bonding agent.

I've figured for some time that I'd have to make a run to Home Depot to look for a "real" industrial glue . . .but that place terrifies me. Its completely scary and overwhelming. And that aside, I seriously doubt I could go up to one of the employees there and ask which glues would be best for jewelry making. They'd think I was insane.

So, fortunately, after picking the boy's dad's brain about glues, he picked one out for me that he thought would work and it DID!!! The stuff is called Quick Steel and it is AWESOME. Its a putty, so it has body. It contains ACTUAL STEEL, so it's bond is super tight. And, most of all, the putty form makes it soooo easy to work with. I can get the right amount of glue just where I need it and if I do happen to mess up, I've got about 3 or 4 minutes to fix the mistakes. I've been wearing a ring I made using this stuff for the last two days and I've been actually TRYING to break it, but no luck! This stuff really might be the permanent jewelry glue of my dreams!

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