Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wistful Thinking

Wists are online, community-style wishlists that are very popular with the Craftster community. Craftsters use them most when participating in swaps . . . because of the community aspect, I can log into a swap partner's Wist and see all of the items they've admired online. I can use this info to get a good idea of their sense of style, or even of specific items I might be able to make or buy for them.
Since I'm participating in a swap right now (the Magic Yarn Ball Swap!!! Stay tuned for a blog entry on that when its all done!) I've been updating my Wist for my partner . . . and MAN have I found some amazing items lately!!! From gothic themed melamine plates to a candle that casts tree shaped shadows on the wall . . there are some seriously awesome goodies out there in internet-land! Click the link above and see below for some of my favorites!

Listening:  Failure- "Stuck On You"

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