Monday, June 11, 2007

A Wearable Item Of Clothing!!!!

And I took pictures of the whole sewing process! So this special edition of IndieHomEc will feature a relatively complete "how to make this skirt" tutorial! Materials you will need are: 2 fabrics (about 2 yards of each), a length of 1/4 inch elastic to go around your waist, 2 packages of quilt binding and thread. Oh, and an iron and your handy dandy sewing machine, of course.
1) I started with a skirt that already fits me well. I folded it carefully in half and laid it on top of my underskirt fabric which was also folded in half.

2) then I cut around my skirt, leaving about a 2 inch margin for seams and mistakes. The resulting cutout was then my "pattern". 3) I laid my "pattern on top of a second piece of yellow fabric, also folded in half, and cut a second shape.

4)I folded my secondary fabric in half height wise, then laid my "pattern" over, folded the bottom edge up about 3 inches and cut. twice. Note that I cut directly on the edge of the "pattern" for the second set of fabrics, as I had already built the "ease" into the "pattern" piece.

5) I ironed my pieces. I tried to avoid ironing my fingers.

6) I then launched an all out, tearing through the apartment style hunt for my black thread. I finally found it lying under my sewing (dining) table in the corner under the window. See, there it is. You can skip this step by keeping better tabs on your own thread. Some sort of thread filing system might be useful.

7) I placed my longer skirt halves together, right sides facing, then pinned in 3 places on each side and seamed them up. Since the resulting piece vaguely resembled a skirt, I tried it on to make sure it fit. It did!

8) so I pinked my loose edges, pressed open my seams, and repeated step 7 with my secondary "outer" skirt fabric.

9) Then I slipped my under skirt into my over skirt with right sides both facing outwards and sewed a little turned under hem across the waistband top to attach the two skirts.
10) After which I sewed in a second waistband hem covering the first and wide enough to contain my 1/4 inch elastic.

11) I used a seam ripper to open up one side of the skirt waistband for threading my elastic (which I measured simply by wrapping it around my waist)

12) I machine stitched the elastic ends together and tucked them in to my waistband.

13) Lastly I went around both bottom hems encasing the raw edges in quilt binding. The quilt binding was really just a cheap trick to avoid having to struggle with hemming the sheer fabric of my outer skirt, but I think it worked well! When I hit the point where my quilt binding would double back on itself, I ironed it inward as above to hide the raw edge.

So, finally, LOOK!!! It is a wearable skirt!!! So wearable, in fact, that I am going to wear it to my friend Tara's wedding in Vegas next month!!! I'm pretty darn proud of my skirt. It isn't often that I make actual items of clothing to wear . . . and when I do those items are usually part of a Halloween costume. I love how this skirt turned out and I'll definitely be using my new quilt binding trick again soon!

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