Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Third Promo Item

Last week, at pretty much the last minute, I got it in my head that I needed to add felt bulls eye brooches to my Craftster promo item swap repertoire. I got 30 of them done in time for mailing off my packages yesterday. In addition to 60 mix tape pendants and 30 pairs of vintage button earrings (see below!) for a grand total of 120 promo items handmade by me! I sent 10 packages out for the swap total, some bigger than others just based on how many sales the shops I sent to had and how many items I thought they'd "need" to add to orders over the next few months. I also kept a handful of promos to send out to my own Etsy customers with their orders.
Of course, now that I've sent, I'm experiencing major swap anxiety, as per usual. I hope my promo items are up to par!!! I feel that they look pretty darn good . . . but then if someone sends me a stack of totally professional looking perfect promos I'm going to be ashamed of every little misplaced glue blob and/or snarkily cut edge on my promos. Thats the nature of handmade items though, I suppose. It would be impossible for me to produce perfectly done, mass produced quality items (although 120 seems a pretty massive number to me!) and the people who shop on Etsy aren't looking for that kind of plasticky perfection anyhow. Right? Right.
In any event, I can't wait to receive my packages and start sending other shops' promos out with my orders!!! I think this will be a really fun way for us all to promote, and a great added bonus to my own customers! Who doesn't love a freebie?

Listening:  Stars- "Do You Trust Your Friends?"

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Stephanie said...

your promos look awesome!