Monday, June 18, 2007

A New Etsy Item

I love these and nobody else does. Fine! More for me! I do honestly think they're gorgeous, but the one I've put up so far hasn't gotten much attention on Etsy and the boyfriend admitted that he doesn't really "get" them. I'm a bit pouty about it, in case you hadn't noticed.
They're little stuffed vinyl circles sewn with assorted vintage buttons and bound up the sides in a blanket stitched edging. A bar pin is sewn to the back side for attaching to a jacket, bag, whatever.
I love vintage buttons. I have jars of them displayed all over my apartment and a big pyrex casserole dish full living on my dining table. I use them to make pendants or earrings or to accent my crocheted pieces . . . but this new idea lets me use buttons that I like just because I like them, regardless of whether they have mates or whether they "go with" my yarn or my fabric. I love being able to pick buttons for these brooches simply because I think they're pretty. Hand sewing is also one of my favorite things to do in the evening while I watch The History Channel, so it works out :)
I'm going to try making a star shaped brooch soon . . . maybe that will attract a bit more Etsy love.

Listening:  Ryan Ferguson- "On Elvira Street"

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