Friday, June 22, 2007

I've discovered pockets!!!

Last night I finally got around to two projects that have been on my to do list forEVER! Firstly, I wanted to make a Purse out of the lovely Kent themed tea towel my Int'l swap partner sent to me (see! here!) and secondly, I wanted to experiment with making a purse with a convertible wrist/shoulder strap. I looooveee my wristlets, don't get me wrong, but sometimes over the course of an afternoon I acquire enough bags to make the one more in my hand a bit of a hassle. I thought having a convertible strap would be a great way to have the best of both worlds.
As I was making my first purse, I ended up with an itty bitty square of fabric and thought "Gee . . .that looks just like a pocket. In fact . . .I think it really really wants to be a pocket and I should help it become one". So I did!! In the end, I wound up with two purses (one for me, one for Etsy!) both with pockety goodness wrapped up inside. A very successful night!

Listening:  The Jealous Sound- "Hope For Us"

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