Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Fruits of my Swapping

A few days ago I sent out my first Etsy order that included a promo item package put together from the lovely items I recieved in the Craftster "Business Card and Promo Item Swap". I got such a wide variety of items from buttons from The Happy Dinosaur to stickers from The Promo Shop to "build your own owl" kits from Modus Operandi . . . I'm so excited to be able to include these with my orders! I know if I were a buyer, I'd positively SQUEAL with delight to find a little baggie of fun included with the items I'd bought! I've sent one out so far and the buyer mentioned it in her feedback, so I think its safe to say these are going to be a big hit!

Listening:  DJ Shadow- "You Made It"

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