Friday, May 25, 2007

Take That Rachael Ray!

No, really, I love Rachael. But I'm still pretty proud of this meal that I threw together the other night in fewer than 30 minutes. Especially since I threw it together WHILE sewing a purse. Thats pretty advanced domestic diva-ism I think :)
I started by tossing the vegetable bird's nests in the oven. They're from Trader Joes and cook up in just a few minutes. They come with a sweet soy dipping sauce, right in the package, and they taste amazing.
Then I made a quick marinade for my tofu from soy sauce, teriyaki, ginger, garlic powder, lemon pepper and a bit of olive oil. I tossed my cubed tofu w/ the sauce and stir fried until browned. I removed the tofu from my wok and then stir fried a handful of snap peas w/ a sliced onion for a few minutes, then added the tofu back, removed from the flame and covered and set aside while my birds nests finished up. I served the stir fry over a quick pack of microwave brown rice, also from Trader Joes.
Lastly, I brewed two cups of jasmine/green/oolong tea. The whole dinner took about 20 minutes, most of which wasn't actual cooking but more waiting (which is where sewing the purse came in!)

Listening:  Wallpaper- "A Million Dollars"

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