Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pants . . . From a T Shirt?!?!?!

(Gratuitous Motley Crue shirt shot included because I haven't figured out how to take pictures of myself wearing pants without a mirror or some kind of contortion exercise)
I'd been wanting to try a t shirt to lounge pants conversion for a while now, and last weekend I finally had an hour to sit down and get it done. I followed THIS amazing tutorial which the author graciously posted on Craftster up until the waistband, at which point i decided to just wing it. I think I'm actually physically incapable of following any pattern or instructions to completion . . . at about 80-90% done I invariably abandon instructions and just go for it.
My main change was adding elastic inside of the waistband . . . the stretch factor in the t shirt I used just wasn't anywhere near enough to keep those pants up on my hips for any length of time. But it was a free t shirt to begin with, and elastic is cheap so I really can't complain. My pants turned out ok . . . and I have a few ideas for how to improve my results next time (a nifty one piece waistband idea comes to mind!). Hopefully by the time I make another attempt at this project I'll have figured out some way to photograph my own rear end.

Listening:  The Electric Soft Parade- "Kick In The Teeth"

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