Saturday, May 12, 2007

One of my favorite things . . .

. . . about making purses is that they don't use up
much fabric. This allows me to scrounge around in bizarre places for
fabric finds that I can turn into wristlets (thrift store pillowcases, remnant bins at fabric stores, old clothing, etc.). Today downtown in LA's
garment district I found another new scrounging-ground. Across the
street from Michael Levine (probably the biggest fabric store I've ever
been inside of) is a little shop called the Michael Levine Loft. In all
of the times I've been to Michael Levine, I've never managed to find a
remnant bin . . . now I know why! All of their leftover odds and ends
end up at the loft . . . on sale for $2 a pound. Yep, a POUND.
regardless of fiber, size of remnant or pattern. I took home the
assortment above for $6.50. There are a few damask upholstery pieces, some fun seventies prints and a toile. Enough to make . . . gosh . . . I'll guess . . . maybe 20 wristlets? A pretty fruitful shopping trip!

Listening:  The Cinematics - "Keep Forgetting"

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