Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My First Swap!!!

My first Craftster swap is completed!! I'd been wanting to join a craft swap for a while and when I saw the posting for a swap called 'My Country Doesn't Have That' I knew it would have to be the one! The swap was ongoing, meaning that each person down the thread would claim the person above them, post their wish list and be claimed by whoever posted below them, so I sent to someone and received from someone else. My receiving partner was a girl from Switzerland who likes many of the same things I do like vintage buttons and postcards. I had so much fun putting her package together (pictures below)!! My sending partner was from Kent in the UK and she spoiled me absolutely ROTTEN (photo above!)! She sent me a bunch of things I had asked for including Royal Jelly bath products, cheese and onion crisps and Crunchie bars. She also picked out the most insanely fabulous tea towels for me, one featuring places in Kent and the other featuring BREEDS OF SHEEP! How fantastic is that?!?!? She also made the most adorable pink felted clutch which I can't wait to use!
Overall, I had a great experience with this swap and I can't wait to get involved in another. I'm keeping my eye out for swaps with themes I think I'll enjoy. Maybe next time I'll pick one that involves more crafting, since the crafted items I sent and received ended up being my favorite things about this swap experience!

Listening:  Division Day- "Tigers"

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