Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going a little greener

My carbon footprint is relatively small, for someone living in Los Angeles. I only drive 1 1/2 miles each way to work (using gas purchased at an eco friendly gas station), I recycle at the office and at home, I don't heat or cool my home using traditional AC or gas heat, and most importantly I don't eat meat.
Since I AM mindful of environmental issues, I've known for a while that I should switch to reuseable grocery bags. I do ask for paper and reuse those bags, but ultimately the best thing for the environment is to just skip the disposable bags all together and go with something that I can use long term.
I buy 2 bags of groceries every week at Trader Joes. And every week I eye the bright red reuseable bags they have for sale at the checkout counter. I haven't been able to buy them yet though because . . .well . . . they're ugly. I know its very fluffy, vain and materialistic of me. But its true. They are.
So last weekend when I went shoppping and I saw the bags pictured above I was thrilled! They're cute! They have pirate ships on them! And teapots! And chickens! I'm not sure why nobody thought of it sooner . . . but now that Trader Joes has I will GLADLY carry my new, greener, reuseable grocery bags with pride.

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