Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Crochet Stitch Bible

I bought the most amazing book a few weeks ago. I'd been hearing buzz about The Crochet Stitch Bible for months, and now that I'm starting to write my own crochet patterns, I figured the book would be a great asset to my collection of craft books. The sections area organized by type of stitch: from lace to textured stitches to boarders and edgings. There is a photographic index at the front of the book where I can pick stitches based on actual visuals of the end results. The book is also spiral bound, which anyone who has ever read crochet patterns (or recipes for that matter) from a book knows is a great thing! I've made scarves to try four stitches so far, including the checkerboard stitch pictured above. The directions (both written and charted) are clear enough that they're easy for even me, who has no patience for patterns. This book is truly a fantastic resource and I'd recommend it highly to anyone who might be bored with basic single and double crochet!

Listening:  The Electric Soft Parade- "Appropriate Ending"

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